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Zombie apocalypse Meme

Welp time to explain these changes haha

:bulletpink: Before: Nothing much to say here haha

:bulletpink: 1 week later: If I manage to survive this long, then I'd be a bit proud and a bit pyscho haha

:bulletpink: 1 month later: Finally have the time to change clothes, but I'd regain my sanity a bit and start missing my family since they'd all probably be dead

:bulletpink: 1 year later: Haha I might start losing hope for the future, but I'd still hold onto part of it. But if the apocalypse lasts that long, then yeeeeah

:bulletpink: 2 years later: Oh I'm probably broken by this time, and I'd probably lose a number of other survivors who became close friends, but I'd still fight

Welp me during the apocalypse haha

Time: 1 hour 45 minutes
Art (c) Me
Me (c) My parents
Meme (c) :iconsephiramy:
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4'9 1/2.
How High/Smal is that in M?
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Late as fuck, but

1.4478 and a half meters.

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Stick with me, you'll survive, and your family, and your friends, and pretty much everyone you know. This is Captain Reynolds of the diesel train Serenity, signing off. 
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Yeah it would be difficult to keep your sanity at that point~
I am interested in this meme
I have dreams where its three years later in the apocalypse and I'm chewing on zombies...
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I don't know either...
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At least there's a chance of you surviving.
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Imma buy stuff from sears when that happens~ they have 22" long machetes c:
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T^T The feelings I now feel~
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Did it start when I began to lose hope
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*nods* yush ;~;
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You~ always messing with my feels.
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Might do this meme eve
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