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Hi guys!!! I've decided to open a corner for artist featured and moreover its permanent.

If you're interest, here are some rules/guides:-

1) Donate 50 pts to fenaru's Donation Pool.
2) Send a note to fenaru with title 'Permanent Featured'
3) Your DA will display in this group after I've confirm the donation.
4) Even though the featured is permanent, there will be few condition that can strip you from the list.

You will be take out from the permanent feature list if:-
1) Your DA account has been deactivated
2) 1 year of inactive (no reply in profile/no comments/no art submission in DA)
3) Involved in stealing/art thieves
4) Asked to be out of the list

'Feature List' display locations:-

1 -Group front page
2- Gallery (left side)
3 -Journal (right side)

Notes: Depends on the situations, the display locations might be changes.

The donations will be use for future group activities^^
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Points sent!!!

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cant note you for whatever reasons.

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Sent ~ This is a really great idea.
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Am I Allowed to advertise a group im in instead of myself? If not, thats okay!!
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Unfortunately, this features only for personal account. There's group affiliate function so you can use them to advertise your group in other group. I affiliates a lot with other groups and its works.
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wait can I qualify if im only on DA
for 3-4 months?
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yes, you're qualify. 
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