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UPDATE 25/12/2019 - Contest officially closed.

UPDATE 21/12/2019 - There's 5 more days till the dateline. Since there's only few submissions, there's be only one grand winner. The grand winner will get 500 pts, while other participants will get entry points. I dont plan to extend the deadline because, extending deadline means other earlier participants has to wait much longer before they could sell the design. If you didnt made it this time, dont be sad, there will be other contest next time and probably with better theme/concept.

Deadline is 25 DEC 2019, 2.00 PM GMT+8.

Yay!! Finally a contest - Adopt Today's Adopt Contest. The contest is part of group activity, to encourage group members be more active, creative, and more anticipation. The contest is about creating an adopt and top 3 most interesting designs will get the prize. Hope the this first contest going to be a successful one and lots of member going to take part. Before entering, please read all the rules and info below.

1. Must be a member/watcher of this group
2. To make the contest fair, the participant are required to use the same base when creating the design. Base was made by me, so don't forget to credit back.
3. Participant can only submit 1 design for the contest and the design must be newly made just for this contest.
4. Even though, design will be using a base, please do not restrict your creativity.
5. Only 1 will be grand winner and get 500 points. Other participants will get entry points (value depends on judges decision)
6. Designs will be judges by me and other judges (still looking).
7. Designs must be original. No closed species, fanmade adopt.
8. You cannot sell the design until the result of the contest. After the contest end, you can sell the design.
9. All submission must submit to 'ADOPT TODAY CONTEST' folder.

The design are required to use this base.
F2U BASED 01 by fenaru

Photoshop (.psd) - Download
SAI (.sai) - Download

:iconfenaru: :iconwalkiepocky: :iconsakura-of-zendikar: :icontangofoxdrawingfun:


GRAND PRIZE: 500 DA Points

The points are from 'Feature List' (display on frontpage). If you're interest to get into the list, click here for more info>

© 2019 - 2021 AdoptToday
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If you manage to submit it to the contest folder, you're counted.
Yenbie's avatar
thank you!!!
SacriHeid's avatar
submitted my entry to the folder!
Banya-Laplace-Studio's avatar
I finally made it! 
Just submitted my adopt in the folder. Wish me good luck theehee x3
fenaru's avatar
YAY!!! Good luck^^
Banya-Laplace-Studio's avatar
Thank you x3 and Merry Xmas too!
ranshin06's avatar
Can I ask,dear, if I can change the mood or the face of the base character? Or it should be like that? thank you
fenaru's avatar
You can change the mode, eyes shape, expression, mouth, eyes etc. The only thing that cant be change is the pose. 
ranshin06's avatar
AAHH!!! okay,thank you and BTW,I love the pose.Attack On Titan Icon: Moves Like Jeager 
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Do you have a firealpaca version of the base?

fenaru's avatar
unfortunately I dont have firealpaca version T^T
SunflowerFox27's avatar
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that look so fun ,, imma joining \*^* ,, so we should put the entry here in the comments ??

fenaru's avatar
you may share your entry in group. I've create a specific folder for the contest^^
Nj-Artu's avatar

alright ty :D

fenaru's avatar
You're welcome Bear Hug 
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Here's my entry<3

i hope u like guys⭐💛👀…
fenaru's avatar
thank you!!!
the-Lihlo's avatar
I'm definitely joining this! One question tho, ¿are we allowed to edit the base however we please or are there limitations?
fenaru's avatar
That would be great^^ You may edit like the eyes shape, skin color add wings etc etc

The only thing you cant change is the pose. Example, the base was edit until looks like in sitting pose.
sleepy-succubus's avatar
I think Ima give this a try! it looks and sounds like fun
fenaru's avatar
yay!! that would be great^^
Adopties-here's avatar
i wanna join! this looks fun ^u^ but a quick question, am i able to alter the base abit? like add or remove limbs/eyes?
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