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Published: February 8, 2016
If you think the rules on the main page aren't enough, or you're unsure of some of the things written, you might find this list more useful.
I will send you the link to these rules in a note when you buy something from me, to make sure you have read them, and agree with them!

Bidding, buying, paying, and receiving:

Glass Heart Bullet (Orange) by Gasara I only accept PayPal right now, no points, no trades
- I might accept points in the future, to make this a core account, or if I use a free base that states this as a rule. I most probably will never be interested in art trades though.
-- Remember to pick the right currency in the dropdown menu. I chose Dollars (USD), because everyone should have an understanding of that currency, and how much it is currently worth.

Glass Heart Bullet (Orange) by Gasara Don't bid if you don't have the money
- This one should be easy to understand, but still... If you do not have the amount of money you want to bid, then please don't bid. I will not hold an adoptable for you.

Glass Heart Bullet (Orange) by Gasara When bidding, reply to the current highest offer for everyone to see
- This makes it a lot easier for me and other bidders to see who is currently the highest bidder, and what the current amount is.

Glass Heart Bullet (Orange) by Gasara The highest bid that stands without counterbid for 3 days will win
- We all have a life... I hope. This amount of time should be enough for everyone who are interested in the adoptable, to place a counterbid.

Glass Heart Bullet (Orange) by Gasara Should you want to autobuy instead of bidding, just write a comment saying "AB" or "Autobuy"
- Do this in the comment section that was made for bidding, to let everyone know that it's no use bidding anymore.

Glass Heart Bullet (Orange) by Gasara If payment has not been sent 3 days after you get a note, the highest bidder before you gets the adoptable
- Again, this should be enough time to send a payment, even when you're busy.

Glass Heart Bullet (Orange) by Gasara If there is no highest bid before you, the adoptable will reset
- It means what it says. If you bid on something, and either do not have the money, or don't answer my note, the adoptable will be put up for sale again.

Glass Heart Bullet (Orange) by Gasara Once I have received your payment, I will send the adoptable to you in original size, and without watermark
- I will state what size the original is, which is usually 2 or 4 times bigger than the shown image. This size will be sent to you without a watermark.
-- Please keep the original safe, and don't link it everywhere, or you might end up having someone stealing it from you!

Glass Heart Bullet (Orange) by Gasara As soon as I have sent the note with the original size adoptable, you have no refund rights, since you already got what you paid for
- Getting the original size, and wanting your money back is scamming in my opinion, since you will have both your money and the adoptable in your possession.

Copyright notices:

Glass Heart Bullet (Pink) by Gasara You may not copy, trace, steal or claim the design as your own
- Kinda obvious, no? The original artwork is mine, since I drew it, not you.

Glass Heart Bullet (Pink) by Gasara You may not use the original artwork for commercial purposes, the copyright is still mine
- Still the same. You may not make money with something you didn't create.

Glass Heart Bullet (Green) by Gasara You may post the original adoptable drawn by me on your profile, when you give me credit for it
- Of course you're allowed to show off what you spent your hard earned money on. But beware that you don't share the original.

Glass Heart Bullet (Green) by Gasara You may make your own art of the bought design, and do whatever you please with it
- Want to make money with the design you bought from me? It's fine of course, as long as you make your own art with the design.

Glass Heart Bullet (Blue) by Gasara You may resell or gift the original artwork, but not for a higher price than you bought it for
- Buying a design from me for 10$, and selling it off for 20$ is the same as making money with something I created, and is strongly prohibited.
-- This rule applies to the one you gift the design to, so make sure you link the rules to whoever receives it.

Glass Heart Bullet (Blue) by Gasara Should the adoptable change owner, please let me know, so I can write it in the description
- If you gift or resell my original sized design, note me with the new information. It would be most kind of you.

Glass Heart Bullet (Yellow) by Gasara Recoloring and species changes are allowed
- Want to use the outfit and hairdo from a cat on a human or dragon instead? Want the clothes to be blue instead of green? Go ahead and change it.

Glass Heart Bullet (Yellow) by Gasara Although I like to add descriptions and names to my adoptables, you are free to name them and make them act however you want :nod:
- Yup. Just ignore whatever I write about them, you can come up with your own stuff. You may use what I write if you want though, should you find it useful.


Glass Heart Bullet (Purple) by Gasara You buy the design, not the art
- As already stated; the original image is mine. I will not use it myself or sell it again once paid for, so no worries.

Glass Heart Bullet (Purple) by Gasara Be nice to other bidders/buyers
- If you get outbid by 1$ 5 seconds before the auction was about to end, don't be a prick and bash the bidder. It's all fair, as long as it's not against the rules stated above.

Glass Heart Bullet (Purple) by Gasara Scammers and rulebreakers will be blacklisted to warn others, which I hope I will never have to do...
- Should you agree to these rules, buy an adoptable from me, and still break one or more of these rules, I will link you with proof of your misdeed.
-- I might have to change or add rules in the future, but the rules that applied when you bought the adoptable are the ones you will need to follow.
--- I do not find my rules that horrible though, so why would you break them? :sad:

Glass Heart Bullet (Purple) by Gasara Comments, llamas, favs and watchers are just as much appreciated as bids and buys :hug:
- Come on in and have a cup of tea with me! I sometimes have coffee too, and maybe some biscuits! :love:

Glass Heart Bullet (Purple) by Gasara Always have fun!
- If you don't find this place interesting, you may complain as much as you like about it, but finding a different place to hang out might be better for your mood.

Glass Heart Bullet (Grey) by Gasara I draw as fast as a snail moves forward, and I do have a life that doesn't take place in front of the PC, so do bear with me, should I have all adoptables sold out, or be a bit late with an answer... I try my best
- I really do try my best, but I suffer from Asperger and OCD, and drawing a line can take several minutes for me, because of that awful feeling of it not being right the first time. This is also why I will most probably never do any commissions; you would have to wait a lifetime for your art *laughs at self* Drawing is a bit like therapy for me though, and I like doing it, so you can be sure that when I upload something, I put a lot of heart and time into it :love:

You may stop reading here if you are exhausted, and only wanted to read the rules :)

Further info: Kiribans

Oh yes, I like kiribans! And I want to do kiriban related events, so do keep an eye out for announcements. When I post a visitor number on the main page, be sure to take a screenshot, should you be the numbered visitor I'm looking for, since you can win a special coupon!

The winner of a kiriban prize gets a coupon that is valid for 6 months, and can only be used once. This coupon maybe not be gifted or sold, and can only be used by the one who sends me the screenshot (gift the screenshot if you'd like). You can send me a link to your screenshot in the comments or a note.

There are 2 ways to use the coupon:

Adoptables: Should you want to buy an adoptable, you can do so for the SB price, and use the coupon to autobuy it. In other words; you can autobuy an adoptable for the SB price. This only applies to open adoptables with no current bidders. You can keep the coupon and wait for new adoptables to be updated if you want, as long as it doesn't expire while waiting.

Cadoptables: These will be up at set prices, and your coupon let's you buy one for 50% off. It applies to both posted and original sizes.

Further info: Questions?

Should you still be unsure of something, or have a question that wasn't already answered here, feel free to contact me and ask away. I speak danish, german and english :love:
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