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I would love to hear what you liked and what I could I do better.

So everytime you made and order, bought and Design, took part in an Event or experience something else around here please let others know what you experienced around Adoptiverse.

Therefore please usw this and Rate your Experience by 1-10

It would be very nice, if you could please comment this way

Rating: ?/10
Order: (link)

I promise to let every comment stand
Only exceptions are: spam, harasment to anyone, rasicsm, hatespeach and affront/insult

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Rating: 9/10

Order: I have a ton of orders I got from you so uh All!

Comment: I do like how you respond as fast as you can. You're easy to work with + you do make super adorable designs. MY favorite thing you've done was the outfits, and accessories. I also like the bunny adopts.

Okay the one downside is maybe you can work on patterns, and make colors fit! Some of the designs colors really don't fit well. But that's just me. Try making some newer patterns, and work on fitting colors together!

But other than those two small things, It's overall amazing.

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First of all thank you for your feedback :3

I am glad you like my work and come back once in a while.

Due to the colours, I am absolutly aware, that the colouration, palettes and oattern can`t allways be liked by everybody and thats absolutly fine for me. I am just trying to do multiple different things, due to the fact that are over 600 people around here and what some really don`t want to see is what others are absolutly looking for :3

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Rating: 9/10 (This is a very high rating from me, almost nobody gets 9/10, you're lucky!)

Order: All.


I really love how you respond so fast (one of the fastest and easiest people to work with I know on Deviantart.) and how you keep us well informed.

Just one thing I recommend, think about color theory and what colors go best with eachother, since I see a lot of clashing colors in your designs!

Some people may like it though so I'm not telling you what to do, it's just my opinion.

Overall, amazing service and love buying from here.

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I thank you for your honest rating. I do my best to keep my standards :3

to the colours I can only say, that I try to keep it as diverse and different as I feel able to at the batch I am working on at that moment. Due to that there are over 600 people around here I am absolutly aware that some palettes, or constalations can`t be liked by everybody, so that`s absolutly fine for me :3

thisismyusernametake's avatar

Thank YOU for being so cooperative , I understand. I always go to you when I want any adopts or bases, etc.!!

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and you are welcome around here :3

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Rating: 10/10


Fakemon and Gacha - 3 Points or 1 AP - 76/97 open

Comment: I like ur designs v much ! and how cheap it is :D

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thank you pretty much for the comment.<3

could you be so kindly to add your ratingscore for me, please?

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10/10 ! i just realized i forgot to put the rate-

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aww thank you <3

no problem at all can happen pretty easy :D

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Rating: 10/10

Order: i think to many to tell XD

Comment: I like how you sell cheap adopts and i love your designs they are very cute! I like the idea with AP's its very cool. and i like how simple you are with your rules~

Adoptiverse's avatar

aw thank you so so much. I am so happy to hear that.

If there ever comes anything up just let me know so we can fix it together :)

LovestarHazelangel's avatar

Rating: 9/10

Order: Giraffes, Poyos, Hermit Crabs, and 2 Outfit adopts.

Comment: You were kind, and worked quickly and efficiently with me; I'd love to come back and adopt from you again someday. ^^

The only constructive criticism I could give you is maybe you could have individual files of the adopts you are selling in a batch at the ready, so you can give the single adopt a user might of adopted, without them having to save the whole picture/batch of adopts and then edit it to get only their adopt, because that's what I just did for all the adopts I got.

Adoptiverse's avatar

thank you very much for taking the time to give me some feedback :3

actually I offer seperate filkes for every batch. Just since I recognized many people do not like or need a seperate file I do not offer it myself and wait for customer to let me know they want one instead :3 (like told in my rules ;) )

but I take your critism serouis and will think about a way to communicate that in a better way :3

LovestarHazelangel's avatar

Oh, whoops, I'm sorry, I didn't know that. ^^;

Yeah, usually some adopters I've adopted from asked if I wanted the adopts I adopted together or in separate files, but I also sometimes had to ask them myself or they just don't do that separate file thing I mentioned.

Adoptiverse's avatar

everything fine :3

yeah every creator has his/her own way of working with that. your confusion is absolutly understandable :3

LovestarHazelangel's avatar

Anyways, keep up the amazing work, I hope my review was alright, and I hope to adopt from you again soon. ^^

Adoptiverse's avatar

I will do my best and I am very thankful for you taking the time to rate :3

wish you a nice weekend

LovestarHazelangel's avatar

Hope you have a nice weekend as well, and stay safe. :)

Adoptiverse's avatar

thank you for your feedback. I am thankful for every tip that might help me improve :3

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Rating 10/ 10

Order : So very many!

Comment : You communicate very well with your customers and your prices are very, very good! Also, you work very quickly!

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thank you very much <3

if you every got any trouble with my service please let me know

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