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It is time for another Contest, don`t you think? ^^

And I think my boys aren`t getting the love they deserve. This time is all about my lovely mainboy, tho.

The tast is pretty easy and the winners are able to choose their price themselve, this time :D

So let come down to the bottom of it, right? ;)

PattPatt crow

The Task

Draw my boy Crow in your style.

You are free to do Traditional or Digital Art. Even 3 Moddeling is allowed.

You can use any of his Outfits or even create new for him (just remember his personality and jobs for that ;))

Yes you can draw him alone or with his Pet or Realationships.

All Information and Ref are in his Toyhouse - Crow Armbrust

2866ebc4-85a6-4b75-8f37-3c40bea23888 Crowghost


- Fav the journal please (so I see the point of interest.

- Draw it yourself.

- Bases are fine but Credit them!

- Please sent a unwatermarked file of your work to me for his Gallery

- You are allowed to draw as many entries as you like to, but you can only win once. (And for the pricepool all your entries counts as 1 )

- Link the Contest in your Entries description so more people can see it ;)

- NSFW need to me marked as mature!

- If you have any Questions ask first!

Set-47 Base-4s- Final


Each Winner can choose 1 of the following Prizes

- 500 DA Points

- 600 Point Voucher for @Adoptishop

- Full Mutation MYO for Kiju

- Complex Custom (Frontview, Backview, Second Outfit/Items, Colourpalette and 1-3 Bonus)

- 2000 XP to your Gold Cookie LV

- 1 Free Item from my Ko-Fi Shop

Amoung of Winners depends on the Amoung of Entries ^^

5 Submissions - 1 Winner

10 Submissions - 2 Winner

15 Submissions - 3 Winner

20 Submissions - 4 Winner

25 + Submissions - 5 Winner

If any Entry will hit me in special way I will Consider give out a Special Prize to the creator besides of the winners. (This can even be added to a Prize)

Crow - A7


End for Entries - 25. October 2021 - 3 PM MET

Countdown - click


mobody - link1 / link2

Helpfull Commentlinks

Entries here please

Ask Crow yourself (or ask me ;))

Important Info

The Character Crow has been created by my rl husband. He used a character from the Falcom Games Trails of Cold Steel as starting point and changed many aspects of him so we could include him in our AU and OC Family !

© 2021 Adoptiverse
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YOur Entries here please ;)

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Ask me everything you like to know here^^

Or even Ask Crow himself

Crow - A7
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Joining! =^-^=

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NICE :D thank you ^^

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Can you confirm what weapons you prefer?

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Crow - A4

y´know i prefer some stylish weapons, enemies don´t wanna stand against, thats why i chose orbal guns. and when i´m really really mad. HA! my dual blade. feel kinda sorry for them, who makes my angry tho hope could help mate

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Smoker? Or habits?

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Crow - A8

yeaaaaaaaaaah there are 3 Smoking, gambling, and smoking hot baes, i mean srsly why else should i live if not for the pleasure, too meet all of the hot gals out there if ya know what i mean ;) hmmm is milkshake drinking a habit? no? well i guess no. its just the best damn way to use milk and ice cream in combo

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Mm, ok, I might do multiple but I've already got a pretty good sketch down. see both you and the author in a bit. (Gotta squeeze studies in too, not all of us can go out for milkshakes constantly).

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