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Welcome to AdoptionClub!

Please read our RULES
and refer to our FOLDER GUIDE before submitting or joining.


For more on our rules, please look to the right at our Information Directory.

All species/pay methods/styles of adopts are allowed within our guidelines! However, we do not permit erotic adopts/suggestive nudity, so we can be all age friendly.

Please do not advertise on the group's main page.

Put your adopts in the correct folders. Click on any folder in the gallery to find its description. Any adopt submitted to the wrong folder will be declined.

Maker game adopts are not allowed due to our quality standard. Any maker adopts or adopts that look hastily made will be declined.









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4/15/21; Contributor applications are being reopened! We are in desperate need for contributors, so please apply if you think you'd be able to help!
What do contributors do? The main role of contributors is to approve and decline submissions. These come into your inbox, and you have the option to accept or decline them. Secondary roles are removing closed adopts as well as relocating any that are in the wrong folders. If you are interested in becoming a contributor, you NEED to have a general grasp of our rules and folder descriptions. It is also very important that you read through the section on our quality standard (on the rules page). Contributors can also answer questions from AdoptionClub users (this is not a requirement but we will like it if you do!). Anything else I need to know? Contributors are removed if they are not active enough! Accepting a few submissions per week will keep you on the team, but it would be preferred if you did more than that, as around a 100+ submissions can build up just in a couple of days. How can I apply? Fill out the application below and paste it into a comment on this journal or send a note to the group! APPLICATION:
  1. How often are you online?
  2. Have you ever moderated in a group before?
  3. Do you make adopts yourself?
  4. Have you read over the Rules and Folder Submission guidelines? (if not, go back and do so, as this is necessary to join the team!)
  5. Do you understand the Rules and Folder Submission guidelines?
  6. Do you have any questions about anything? (If so, we will be more than happy to answer them!)
-- Accepted or denied applications are hidden in the comments below. However some questions you might have may have been answered in some of the responses to the applicants below, and are left unhidden for your benefit. (You can find more answers to questions in the old journal for contributor applications here.) Thank you for reading! We hope to accept in lots of new contributors!
Hi all! The last 3-4 months have been a little wonky in the group, huh?
I'd like to personally apologize. I had a difficult life situation come up and I disappeared for that time.

I am back however, and wanted to say that the group will soon be back on track. However, to make this easier for our current contributors, I had to delete all of the old and recent submissions to our group. Therefore, while normally discouraged, for this situation, I encourage anyone who has recently submitted an adoptable to go ahead and resubmit to us. We had over 1000 submissions we were attempting to go through prior, with all of them gone it will be easier to stay on top of accepting and denying.

Thanks so much,
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