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Hello, and welcome to Adoption-City! We all hope you enjoy your stay and we can't wait to see what designs you have come up with!

However, in a place like this, there needs to be a few simple rules that must be followed:

:bulletgreen: Once an adoptable is sold, please try to add Closed to the title, or remove it from the group. Submitted adopts that are closed will be declined.

:bulletgreen: Please do not spam the group. This includes in the comment section. Please do not advertise in that area.

:bulletgreen: Do not beg or harass the other members.

:bulletgreen: Do not steal designs/art from others. People caught doing this will be kicked and further banned from the group.

:bulletgreen: Adoptables made with makers must not be sold for currency.

:bulletgreen: If you use a line-art or a creator, please credit the person who made them.

:bulletgreen: Please submit to the right folders.

:bulletblue: If you have some questions, are confused about anything, or have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me!

:star: SUBMISSION RULES :star:…

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UPDATE 2: Auto approved submissions are now back on! If you have submissions still pending, please resubmit them! Thank you.

UPDATE: Testing using the vote system for submissions as many people have not been submitting to the correct folders! If things start to go smoothly again, it will be set back to automatically approved. Thank you. ;u;

** Alright, after going through the folders, it definitely seems that there's some confusion on where to submit what, so please read below for folder submission rules, thank you **

Hi, sorry if this comes over as a bit harsh, but please do your best to submit your adoptables to the right folders. It's understandable if it's a miss-click or you're not sure where to submit it, we've all been there at some point. But otherwise there's no excuse for being lazy and submitting something ENTIRELY different to what the folder is. I won't ban anyone from the group over it (unless it's a hugely constant thing), but I will be straight out removing deviations from the group if they're in the wrong folder. Feel free to resubmit to the correct folder, of course.

:star:FEATURED FOLDER: This folder only accepts one of your deviations per month, so put something you're really intent on selling, proud of, etc. in it.

:star:CANINE FOLDER: For all things canine (outside of anthros)! Dogs, wolves, foxes, etc. etc., you name it. As long as it fits into the general category of canine.

:star:FELINE FOLDER: For all things feline (outside of anthros)! Cats of all kinds- house cats, big cats, etc. etc. can be submitted here.

:star:EGGS AND MYSTERY FOLDER: Just as it sounds- 'hatchable' adopts such as eggs, gatchas, and general mysteries go here.

:star:BIRD FOLDER: For any of your feathered friends! Be it cockatiels, right down to penguins. All birds come here.

:star:ANTHRO FOLDER: For anthros, of course. Not kemonomimis, not nekos, etc. If it doesn't have fur from head to toe, it probably goes in the Humanoid folder.

:star:MONSTERS AND MYTHICAL CREATURES FOLDER: For anything that's extremely monstrous and hard to see similarities in other species with (if it's a dog with horns, it goes in the canine folder. If it's a human with wings, it goes in the humanoid folder. etc.); or for mythical creatures such as dragons, gryphons, mermaids, harpies, etc.

:star:HOOFED ANIMALS FOLDER: For horses, ponies, gazelles, deer, etc, etc. (Though again, if it's a dog with hooves, put it in the canine folder.)

:star:OTHER FOLDER: For things that do not fit in with the other folders. This includes weapon designs, clothing designs, and animals that don't fit in with the other ones listed for folders. NO YCHs.

:star:MIXED FOLDER: For batches of adoptables that have more than one type of animal/folder type on it! So say if your deviation has cats, dogs, and humans on it, it goes in this folder. If your deviation only has one type or animal, or is a singular adopt of a hybrid animal, it goes elsewhere.

:star:CUSTOMS FOLDER: For custom adoptables. You can put your advertisements for customs here, or customs you have made (GRANTED you are still accepting customs) as examples of work.

:star:FREE LINE ARTS AND BASES FOLDER: For line arts and bases that people may use to make adoptables on.

:star:PAY TO USE LINE ARTS FOLDER: For line arts and bases that people may pay to use to make adoptables on.

:star:JOURNALS AND ADVERTISEMENTS FOLDER: For adoptable-related journals and advertisements.

:star: AUCTIONS FOLDER: For things that are on auction. There is no consequence for not submitting auctions here, it's just incase you'd like to have it separate. <3

:star:HUMANOID FOLDER: For anything resembling a human, be it a demon, angel, or even just.. a normal human. Nekos, ginjinkas, and kemonomimis all go here too.

:star:RAFFLES AND GIVEAWAYS FOLDER: For raffle and give away adopts, or basically free adoptables.

:star:ORIGINAL SPECIES FOLDER: For species that aren't real that you or another deviant have created, such as Tailmouths, Birdfolk, etc.

:star:YCH FOLDER: For all forms of YCHs. Please do not put YCHs in the canine folder, humanoid folder, etc. Only here.
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