What folder do I submit ___ to?

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TrustyArts's avatar
Hey , where I have to report that I have wrongly sent adopt to wring folder?
Dystana's avatar
You don't! Staff sort pieces upon submission and will provide a note in the request about which folder it belongs in. If this doesn't happen and your piece is still in the wrong folder, you can just remove it from the group and resubmit it to the right one for approval again!
TakingYourBreath's avatar
I just made this adoptable on a pre-made base and I'm not sure where to put it.
Wolf Dragon Hybird Adopt OPEN
Kiroria's avatar
Since it's an auction it should go to the Auctions II folder^^
The fact that it's on a base doesn't change anything as long as the base owner/creator is credited correctly.
TakingYourBreath's avatar
Thank you so much!! :D
Kiroria's avatar
No problem^^
VioleChann's avatar
I opened these custom adopts for points or money in paypal and wanted to know if I could upload them here
moon-gu's avatar
Hello this kind of submissions goes to the Custom ads folder
Thank you.
Sophisticated-D's avatar
I have drawn two fairies that I would like to sell for points, but I'm not sure where to put them?  here's one as an example

Fairy Adopt 1 - Open by Sophisticated-D
tinytoybird's avatar
So, you consider any ponies as MLP? Even if I have my own style drawing ponies?
Just wondering since my adopts got declined.
Kemono-Kreations's avatar
Did you draw the lineart yourself?  I have been declining any piece that is tagged MLP or doesn't have credit on it, even if the base/lineart is yours.
tinytoybird's avatar
Yes I did draw it myself. They're not tagged MLP either.
Kemono-Kreations's avatar
Please add "Artwork (c) Me" in the future.  Credit, even to yourself, is required.
tinytoybird's avatar
Well, sorry but in my opinion that just sounds a bit stupid. : D To credit my own art on my own account? You can't just assume all art is stolen because the artist doesn't credit themselves. If the person doesn't credit anyone, then you should assume the art is by them.  "Artwork (c) Me" doesn't change the fact if it's stolen or not.
(I hope you don't get this message the wrong way, I don't wan't to sound bad or anything, just saying my opinion on this. I understand you want to keep the group clean of uncredited lineart, which can be a nuisance sometimes.) ^^
tayleaf's avatar
I'm not sure if it was the other admin or not, but I'm looking at the ponies in your gallery and I think they were probably thought to be MLP because of the style, and the flowers might of been mistaken for cutie marks. They look fine though so I'm not sure why they were declined. Feel free to resubmit them! ^-^
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