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Welcome to AdoptableMarketplace!

Hello and welcome to AdoptableMarketplace~! This group was founded in May of 2011 by Millie931 and AgentWalleh with the purpose to share adoptables. Since then the group has grown and has new founders and all. If you have any questions, complaints or suggestions feel free to contact
LeoxLinx or DarkoDraco

:points: Points to USD :money: by Poj5
• 80 points are equal to $1 USD
• 160 points are equal to $2 USD
• 240 points are equal to $3 USD
• 320 points are equal to $4 USD
• 400 points are equal to $5 USD
If you want to learn more about this, there is a really great calculator that you can find here:

:bulletred:1) Respect the adoptables submitted in this group. They were not submitted for you to troll on!:bulletred:

:bulletorange:2) If there is an adoptable you want to adopt, please respect the creator's rules. Don't fight over a design. Let the creator settle it.:bulletorange:

:bulletyellow:3) Please do not beg the maker to give you the adoptable for free or to give it to you half price, ect.:bulletyellow:

:bulletgreen:4) Don't make deals with the creator without fully expecting to pay it all. You do not get the adoptable until you have given FULL payment. (ex. "I'll give you three points and six points later. I'll love you forever if you give this to me for free. ect.") :bulletgreen:

:bulletblue:5) Please try to be active in the group, you do not have to be an adoptable maker to join the group; however, submissions must be of adoptables.:bulletblue:

:bulletpurple:6) Please credit the maker of the line art, and respect the line art creator's rules (if a line art is used). The same goes for character creators/generators.:bulletpurple:

:bulletpink:7) You must be a member to add your adoptables. (requests are automatically accepted):bulletpink:

:bulletblack:8) If your image does not have some sort of [open] status on it and you are trying to upload into the Featured gallery, it will not be accepted.:bulletblack:

:bulletwhite:9) If you suspect that someone is stealing artwork please DO NOT post this information on the group's Profile. Note the group all of the information and we will look into it.:bulletwhite:

Advertising in the comments is ok but please do not spam or flood it. Please try and wait 48hrs in between advertising duplicate posts.

If you have questions, comments, concerns, or need help please send a note to the group.


If you want to be one our affiliates just send us a request!
About 10 weeks ago I gave birth to my son and as a result I have limited time to check the group and approve submissions to the Featured, YCH, and Base folders. Obviously because of this it takes longer for things to get approved so I'm here seeking new Admins♥.
Rules are simple and easy to follow: - Submissions to the Featured folder must have some sort of [OPEN] statues in the title to be approved. Anything else is denied. - Submissions to the YCH/Custom folders must have ych or custom (or some variant) in the title to be approved. It doesn't matter if there is an open or closed status but if it does say closed it is denied.
- Submissions to the Base folder must be bases, nothing else is to be accepted.
If you are interested please either comment on this journal or note the group.
No previous experience in running a group is needed but it is a plus.
Please also keep in mind we are still dealing with the New Notification System and to please be patient.
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