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Edit: Re-posting this one because it needs to be said again!!
I will also add that Custom journals DO NOT go in the customs folder! They go to the journals folder! Same applies to ANY journal of ANY subject- they ALL go to journals, they ALL must have OPEN in the title, INCLUDING COMMISSIONS! They will be declined if they don't. Submissions to the FULL folder will also be declined, because we are on top of submissions right now, and the folders ARE NOT FULL. Don't be lazy, guys!! The easier you make it for us, the easier we can make it for you!!

We don't always have time to TELL you why they're declined- but these are usually the most common reasons.
No OPEN in the title or the wrong folder completely. Please read the folders!

Hello hello hello everyone!
I just wanted to make a quick journal regarding submissions as of late- I find I am declining more submissions than I am accepting and a majority of them are either uploaded to the incorrect folder or do not have a clear 'OPEN' in the title.
These are both important, and WILL be declined if they're not done properly! The wrong folder I see the most is aesthetic and mystery adopts NOT going in to the mystery/aesthetics folder. It sucks to see so many adopts going unnoticed because they don't follow our rules.

All I ask is you guys READ the folder names a little more carefully next time you submit! I have tried to cut the amount down so it's easier when you want to work quickly, but for now this is the best we've got!!
I also need to remind you that journals count. You must have 'OPEN' in the title of your journals to be accepted! Most of my declines have been journals without it!
Carameja Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you, with one I simply forgot, fixed that now. x3
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