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Good Morning, afternoon, night, everyone!

I just wanted to make a quick message concerning the massive amount of people that have been spamming the Custom adopts folder.

Recently I've had someone be very rude involving this situation which ended in a ban, I'm not going to say names.
And I decided to touch up on this matter.

The Custom Adopts folder is ONLY for Custom Adoptable sheets, meanings "Adopts that will be customly tailored to your wanting and desires by the artist selling them"
This does not mean adopts that are PRE-MADE.

I get that the folder Custom Adopts is at the very top of our page, meaning people don't see that Featured folder is closed so they spam that, still does not give you the right to do that.

If you spam the custom adopts folder, you will be given a warning, 2-3 and you will be told what submissions were declined.
If you continue to do so after the final warning then you will be banned.
I would rather not have to put a "Submissions here will instantly be declined" Folder to get a point across.

As well as an excuse multiple people make is that they can't submit anywhere else.
Please make sure to refresh your page or make sure you are not in the folder itself when submitting, the folders are completely open for everyone that is a member, if you aren't a member then it's not going to let you submit.

Thank you so much for your time and remember to check out our "Make A Mascot Contest!"
Link here --->… <---

Thank you and have a wonderful day/night!

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June 25, 2017


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