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Hi everyone!!

First of all I wanted to say WOW 10 000+ members?? That's incredible!! A warm welcome to all new comers, a big thank you to all the oldies, and I hope we can continue to have the group grow and grow, sharing our adoptables with each other!

This journal is to clarify something in regards to submissions.
Journal submissions will only be accepted in to TWO FOLDERS and those are;
Journals and Advertisements and Commissions Sheets and Journals
no others!!

It doesn't matter what the theme of your journal is, it will only be accepted in those two folders.
Any journal post advertising adopts, customs, MYOs, raffles, ANYTHING to do with the sale of adoptables belongs in Journals and Advertisements!
Any journal advertising commissions belongs in Commissions Sheets and Journals, they will not be accepted in the other journals folder. This helps keep adopts and commissions separate for those looking for one or the other!
And of course!! Journals STILL must have OPEN in the titles to be accepted, as per everything! The only things that DO NOT require this is the Bases and Linearts folder!!

If you have any questions as usual feel free to ask- we will get back to you ASAP with whatever you need!

Have a great day or night, wherever in the world you are!

Hello all!! Hope you're having a wonderful day or night!!
I have chosen the new admins for the group!! Woohoo!!

There was a lot of amazing people I really want to have helping out, so I've selected THREE new co-founders to help run things, and a couple of CONTRIBUTORS as well- these will be people that can help out clearing the gallery and such. Unfortunately these are not voting positions, but!! Should someone step down from their co-founder duty, or is taken out from it, or I just decide you work super hard and are super cool, you may get ranked up! *w*

So your newest Co-Founders are the following!!
gluskins | milly-adopts | SushimiTsukimi

Your new Contributors are these wonderful people (if they accept!!
SillyHedgyTunes | Quantico | Es-py | dismal-sailor | IchiegoAdopts | Mystic-Breakthrough

And of course......
Myself, TheStevieBoy and crooked-misty as your original admins!!

I really wanna thank everyone for their interest and for wanting to help out, you can tell I had a hard time deciding so I added contributors as a position on the group- perhaps over time they will be granted more permissions etc etc etc.... but time will tell! This group is growing and growing, and I couldn't be more proud of it!! I want our community to be the best it can be, and having you guys involved in running it and keeping it active and kind is the only way to do that!!

So please give a warm welcome to your admins, if you ever need anything feel free to approach them and talk to them, ask them questions, whatever you need!! I feel like I can trust them, so you should too!

Hope you're having a great day or night, and see you next time!!

There are SO MANY of you to pick from this is going to be tough, but I'll be going over you all soon and picking in the next few days, if you're chosen you will hear from me!!

Hi all! Hope you're having a lovely dovely day or night!
This is just another journal looking for admins to help run the group. Without TheStevieBoy and crooked-misty this group would be nothing, it's a job I can't get around to every day by myself and the centre clogs up fast.
I'm only looking to pick one or two more; as the group grows, I think we are needing a few more pairs of hands to drop in and check on the groups statuses, accept and deny messages, etc.

The kind of people I'm looking for are of course reliable and trust worthy!! I'd rather your account be more than a year or two old (the older the better) and I'd rather active people who will check the groups messages once every day or every few days at least, to keep deviations being accepted or declined smoothly. To check you've read this, I'd like if you included the word watermelon in your little applications, just to be sure.
It's also important to check the gallery often and remove deviations that are closed- it's a big help and a fun time waster if you're bored-
By applying, you acknowledge that if you are accepted and I feel you're not doing the job expected of you, you can and will be removed at any given time without warning- not from members, just from admins, and someone else will be taking your place.
You acknowledge that you won't spam journals and other such things, ESPECIALLY not for self promotion. You are welcome to post a journal if you feel the need to! You don't need to check in with me unless you're unsure about it, but please don't post things promoting ONE user or yourself. If you want to promote something, promote a bunch of people from our galleries. The more love the better!

SO to be considered for an admin position, I'd really like if you could tell me the following;
- How long have you been on DA? (other accounts count!)
- How active are you? (logging in and checking messages, not uploading)
- Have you run any groups yourself or been an admin of another group before? (it is NOT essential you have experience to be accepted!)
- Do you have a firm understanding of the rules of this group and the ToS of DeviantArt?

Hmmm I think that's all the important bits covered!! Comment below if you're interested!!
(psst if your comment is featured, you're being considered! ;) )

Hello everyone just wanted to give a quick update about the featured folder.

Lately a lot of people have been spamming the featured folder and not bothering to submit to other folders. Now like the founder Pumpkin said, spamming the featured folder is severely frowned upon.

We take careful measure so this doesn't happen. If you do spam the featured folder you are given a warning.
On your third warning you are done, Banned for not following the rules and disrespecting our words.

Two users have been banned for this offence so we take this rule very seriously.

But there shouldn't be any trouble as of late, the featured folder has been knocked to 1 submission per day.
And I will be keeping a close eye out for those trying to spam the next folder under.

Thank you all and have a wonderful day/night!

Hi all!! We are already well in to the new year but I just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year, and to brush up on some rules we see broken every day.
This is a really tired routine and just about every group goes through it every now and then, but please remember that....

We will always decline if your deviation title does not say OPEN or some variation of open!
This is because... well, obviously people can't tell if your adopt is open or available at a glance and they won't bother! It also helps us, because you can't sell a closed adopt, and we are all about selling, so it helps us keep the gallery cleaner and not as full of sold adopts.

Try not to spam the featured folder!
You're allowed to submit here, but don't submit EVERYTHING here! This also ties in with...
Please take better care and attention to which folder you submit to!
You may not think it matters too much, but it does for buyers. It helps them know where to look and what for. It helps YOU sell your adopts! Most of our declines are due to wrong folders or the first point mentioned above, so the better care and more time you take to do it properly the first time, the less time it costs you when we decline it and you have to resubmit.

No base /game maker adopts.
Draw them yourself- most doll websites do NOT permit you to SELL what you make, and in some cases it's illegal and action can be taken against you- don't risk it. We won't accept them.

Other than that, thank you for making this group what it is! We have a HUGE number of members (a number I never imagined would happen) and I think a community like this is one worth celebrating.
So to finish off I'm going to cherry pick some adopts from our folders that could use some attention!
Stay safe all and happy new year!

[CLOSED] Updated Adopt 3 by NadiaSyahda LOWER PRICE( open! ) ADOPTS : Vampire/Demon/Slayer by logoutchan
Demon and Angel Adoptables (Closed) by Aelinau Mixed Bag Adopts Collab:PrettyPumpkinhead 6/6 Open by TheMushroomancer [CLOSED] Aesthetic seraphim adopts by SEVMD
[OPEN] Food Mocchin by WiviAdopts Object Head adopt batch moved by Eyeball-Butt Popimals! CLOSED by Sila--Chan

.... and why not consider some YCH? <3
YCH OPEN by SerpentineSaltern

Mature Content

.: Tentacle NSFW YCH CLOSED:. by TheStevieBoy

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