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Good Morning, afternoon, night, everyone!

I just wanted to make a quick message concerning the massive amount of people that have been spamming the Custom adopts folder.

Recently I've had someone be very rude involving this situation which ended in a ban, I'm not going to say names.
And I decided to touch up on this matter.

The Custom Adopts folder is ONLY for Custom Adoptable sheets, meanings "Adopts that will be customly tailored to your wanting and desires by the artist selling them"
This does not mean adopts that are PRE-MADE.

I get that the folder Custom Adopts is at the very top of our page, meaning people don't see that Featured folder is closed so they spam that, still does not give you the right to do that.

If you spam the custom adopts folder, you will be given a warning, 2-3 and you will be told what submissions were declined.
If you continue to do so after the final warning then you will be banned.
I would rather not have to put a "Submissions here will instantly be declined" Folder to get a point across.

As well as an excuse multiple people make is that they can't submit anywhere else.
Please make sure to refresh your page or make sure you are not in the folder itself when submitting, the folders are completely open for everyone that is a member, if you aren't a member then it's not going to let you submit.

Thank you so much for your time and remember to check out our "Make A Mascot Contest!"
Link here --->… <---

Thank you and have a wonderful day/night!

Hello everyone!! This is just a quick announcement to inform you all that the Featured folder is now closed. No submissions to it from members will be allowed anymore! The admins can still submit to it, and if we see something we think super cool and deserving of the folder, we will move it there ourselves.

This decision came as we get a LOT of spam submissions to the Featured folder, both from people who can't be bothered reading through the folders list and from people who are not submitting adoptables at all. We are hoping that with the closure of this folder this will put a stop to both of these things and make our job a little easier.

To close this journal off, I'm going to feature some adopts from the Draw To Adopt folder! Get those pencils and stylus' out and get those creative juices flowing!

Grackleby Adopt 4 (Closed) by Miathebatt Cyclops DTA (Closed) by hydella353 Byanko Ref by RosePuffs
Halloween Gem DTA {OPEN} by JanuaryGem MLP DTA Adopt - Celestial Drift (OPEN) by dolphinMLP
Demon OC DTA (Closed) by hydella353

Hello all! A good morning, day, noon or night to you!
I wanted to thank everyone for the input on the last journal. I didn't get to replying to too many, but what I did take out of it was a need to rearranged the gallery folders, so I've done just that! I hope now it's easy to navigate and manage! If it's not, feel free to tell me!

I also want to say before I get on to the features of this journal, if you have a declined submission and did not get a reason as to why (sometimes we don't say as we don't have time) please DO NOT post on our front page asking why- send us a note to the group or comment on the declined submission in your message centre! This will leave the comment directly on the decline making it easier for us to have a look and see exactly what the reason was. Some times one admin will decline something and a different admin will not know why without scrambling through the message log, which trust me, it's huge-!

With that out of the way, here are some features from our GATCHA adopts folder! Life is all about taking risks and chances, give a mystery adopt a go!

Cheap Gem Gacha (0/10 slots OPEN) by Hyperpegasi CLOSED by SeveredBunny
Human/Humanoid Gacha[OPEN] by DetectiveStali Gatcha Adopts! [OPEN] by catter-fly:thumb680983343:
[OPEN] Humanoid Gachas by Anolee Cheap Humanoid Gatcha!!! - OPEN by Fluffy-Mellow

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night everyone!!

I just wanted to post a journal looking for some feedback about the group, how it's run, and what we do from you guys. Nothing makes a group more important than it's community, as we cannot function without you!
So I invite you, if you have some time, to voice any concerns, suggestions, tips, hints or anything you want to see come from this group in the future below. Every voice is welcome, criticism or opinions all the same!
I look forward to hearing what you have to say, and I will hopefully be replying to each of you individually, taking on board ideas and suggestions.

To cap this journal off, I'm going to throw in a couple of features from our 'Featured' folder! Check these out!

[CLOSED]Auction: Male Naga by SamDaLamb:thumb681805293::thumb682597774:
DollAdoptable!(2$/210p) [OPEN] by Rednovv CLOSED | Adopts #44 | MerMay by milly-adopts [Design] Dresses 01 [OPEN] by KainoShu
My little pony adoptables - OPEN by Norjor Pokemon Gijinka Batch 2 - [CHEAP SB 100! 3/3 OPEN] by edgelord-adopts

Hi all! Hope you're having a good day, night, morning, evening!
I wanted to do a feature-esque journal, but for journals and advertising! So if you've got a few minutes, check these out!

Character sales/cleanouts;

Selling characters! {OPEN}I have a lot (Exaggeration) that i really want to get rid of.
Almost everyone in there is for sale. 
More art = I want more for them.
Please offer:
- Points/Money
- Art (pls hq quality over quantity)
- Male characters (anthro/ponies)
- maybe blobs
tank you and good night
Character cleanout!! (Open)Yeaaaa
everyone is these folders are up for sale
(everyone from this folder you can offer 50-100 points and i'll most likely accept)
But yea! I'm accepting 
paypal***, points and maybe some characters! maybe art 
Thank you <3
Characters for trade/sale!So I have some characters I never use, and I want to give them a better home! 
Here are the characters UFT!
Here are my Closed Species Characters, since I'm kinda falling out of Closed Species. Though please note I will be a lot pickier with them!
The things I'll accept can be found here, though there are exceptions for some characters! (Like I won't accept points or money for or other dollmaker-based characters, ect.) Just make an offer!
Currently my priority is POINTS or ANGELBREEZE1/HINALILIES DESIGNS, so unless you're interested in something made with, I will be more inclined to accept offers with more points, and no matter what I'll accept angelbreeze1/hinalilies (Also designs from her two adop

Its not very big at the moment, but trust me, it will get bigger. I have yet to even sketch out most of what I plan on selling, this is only the beginning, nyahaha :iconheplz:
So, be sure to check in on the stash folder for new characters! X'D
-Since these are old characters I no longer use, please, offer a decent amount of points/and/or art. I've had these guys for years. TwT
- Please don't use them for pornography,  if you do, I will reclaim them and put them back up for sale, no warnings or refunds.
- Please, NO RESELLING. 
If you don't want the character anymore, just give it back and I'll put them back on sale.
-Feel free to name them, alter the design a bit, give them more outfits, background, ect! Thats really the point in buying a character really, and Most of these old characters have no names. (oops :XD: )
**I'm looking for mostly points, but I can take some art as well! I will also trade, but only if I like t

Looking for adopts;

[CLOSED] LF: Customs/Adopts!Hello!
I'm looking for customs and/or adopts~
(Or old characters you no longer use! Gatcha Machines are great too!)
I'm writing a story and need maybe three more characters ^^
Looking for assassin/thief style, and anything semi-gothic.
I'll also be looking for demons, and any other adopts that catch my eye (or FaLXreY's)
Me and mr. Co Writer #1 will be checking out the comments within the next few days.
No Anthro,
No adopts/customs over 500 points
No maker adopts(dreamselfy, other related doll makers)
Thanks for taking a look/offering ;v;
We won't be accepting until Friday!
~Vex and Shayne
Getting Rid of Characters? CLICK ME!! OPENI hate seeing characters people clearly loved go unused. It's sad when people just don't connect with their characters any longer, and I understand it happens. Sometimes a character we make (or adopt) just doesn't get used as often as before, sometimes the story we were working on gets scrapped. It's happened to me, however I can't bear to part with them. They get moved to my Retired list, but they never get forgotten. I've been known to do special pieces for them still!
After all that love, time and hard work, I hate seeing characters get 'tossed'.
If you are getting ready to sell/trade/ give away characters, please check here first!!
I believe currently I'm at 10. So if your characters are VERY expensive, and you are NOT willing to trade art/other characters for them; please don't offer. I've explained this many times now.

Don't worry - if I adopt the characters from you, they WILL be used in some manner!
(And in most cases, they still have t
Looking for Cryptid/Monster adopts!I'm on the hunt for a monster boyfriend for Zuphe's new character! (He's the one with the hat!)
I'd love to see if you're selling any of the following!
[ Pixel ] tiny flower! Cryptids
[ Pixel ] tiny flower! Wendigos
[ Pixel ] tiny flower! Wyrms
[ Pixel ] tiny flower! Skinwalkers
[ Pixel ] tiny flower! Original creature designs
I'd also love to take a look at monsters who
[ Pixel ] tiny flower! Long
[ Pixel ] tiny flower! Buff
[ Pixel ] tiny flower! Faceless
[ Pixel ] tiny flower! Big
[ Pixel ] tiny flower! Fluffy
Or have
Long tongues
Looking For Designs (fuel my addiction)RIGHT NOW I WANT SOME HAWT BOIS
You can still offer women, but I'm kinda bored w/ women rn
Looking for some designs for my main account, Wielesse I don't know why I'm looking, I have too many characters already. But I need to fuel my addiction so here we are, buying things again.
I Like:
Humans/horned people/aliens that are human-like
Looking for males right now
Vibrant colors contrasting with mild colors
Dark hair colors
Contrasting hair colors
Tattoos and piercings
Undercuts and long hair(I also like short hair too, heck)
Something to fuel my Yaoi addiction mby
I DON'T Like:
Ponies/feral animals
Closed Species/open species
Anthro/furry designs
femboy(I'm ok with femboy but it doesn't fit my style)
I can offer:
Points (I won't go over 200 depending on quality)
Character Trade
So link your characters below, and I'll check them out! This will be open for


Contest~ [CLOSED]Another contest folks!
Contest for the ever so loving idiots~
Rules (sorry, but you've gotta have rules ^^")
1. You do not have to be watcher, but still at least tag me in your drawing so I can find it! 
2. Make a poll/journal/status to spread the word, so more entries can come in~
3. You MUST draw the characters that I give
4. Do not overly simplify them
6. My OCs MUST be the focal point of the drawing. If you include other characters such as your OCs then that's fine, but please remember this is a draw my oc contest ^^"
7. Please stay true to the ships. Some might be single, some might not be. Just make sure to read their bio and stuff.
8. You can enter as many times as you wish!
And rule number nine: Have fun! You can be as creative as you'd like! All mediums are accepted and in any style ^^
Contest prizes:
First place:
A full coloured half body from me~!
A Chibi fro
Hi guys here's a little contest for you guys!!
Draw my O.C Lucy and her friends!
_Draw Lucy alone, or with her friends
_you can still win even if you only draw Lucy!!
_Digital and traditional art is accepted (Note that neither has an advantage!)
_you have a chance to earn multiple prizes by completing things from the extra category!
-Must be a watcher!!
-please don't un-watch or watch me just fr free art!
-One entry per person!
-tag me in your finished entry!! so i can add it to my contest folder!(Favorite)
-ticket options!!-
Tickets are going to be used for the random winner! so the more tickets you get the better chance you have to win it!
-Watch any or all of these people for one ticket each!
-AndriaMorningstar Caplockatron EthineAxel And Acidias-Duo
-Tag three active friends! (1 ticket each)
-make a journal or poll about this contest and link it in your comment!

MYOs and events;

Closed: *FREE* MYO Crystallian! ]CLOSED

How to join?

  :bademoticon: First, please check out the information about the species!

:bademoticon:  Link your journal or poll advertising the event.
(Even if Crystallians are free to make, I would love if the word was spread around~)
  :bademoticon: Tag 2(+) people in the comment


1. You can use ALL the common(Bullet; Blue) and rare(Bullet; Yellow) traits, but only ONE Mystic trait(Light Purple Bullet - F2U!).
Free MYO Fluffroon Event Live!!!
Flufrron first MYO event is live and it's free!!!
Just go here ==>  

Looking for customs/Offering customs;

:thumb680419520::thumb676518920: Lambiluff CustomsBlooming Lambiluff- 30 points + extra for rare and GOD traits
Encrusted Lambiluff- 30 points + extra for rare and GOD traits
Sweet Lambiluff- 40 points + extra for rare and GOD traits
Fungi Lambiluff- 50 points + extra for rare and GOD traits
Weather Lambiluff- 60 points + extra for rare and GOD traits
Slots for Blooming Lamby
1. Open
2. Open
3. Open
Slots for Encrusted Lamby
1. Open
2. Open
3. Open
Slots for Sweet Lamby
1. Open
2. Open
Slots for Fungi Lamby
1. Open
Slots for Weather Lamby
1. Open
If you want one fill out this form
Lambiluff Type:
Link to what you want your Lamby based off of:
Other: (Please fill in random facts, it makes the designing easier)
Clothing Type:
Trait Costs:
Common- Free
Uncommon- Free
Rare- 5 points each
GOD- 15 points each (Halo is OFF LIMITS)
If you want a 10 points discount please tell me which base out of these you want used.


:thumb667691532: Commissions and customs [OPEN]Character reference sheets:
Simple character reference:
I'll make a simple reference sheet for your character uvu)

I'll make the reference simple with some text. I will also use my own custom base uvu)
The reference sheet will be a bit bigger than this
Base Price: 45 :points:
The price will increase if the character is more complicated ;v;
Normal character reference sheet:

A normal character ref has two to three chibi drawings and the on base reference from the simple character reference uvu)
Base Price: 90 :points:
The price will increase if you want an extra chibi drawing ;v; (20 :points: )
The price will also increase if the character is complicated ;v;
Chibi headshot:

Can be feral or humanoid uvu)
Name Your Price COMMISSIONS [OPEN]I've decided that I wanna keep my commissions open until I physically cannot draw. 
I'll be going to college this coming fall, so I'll be needing some extra cash OvO 
Go ahead and name a price, NOTHING UNDER 100 points / $1!
Rules/Do's and Don'ts: 
Rule: For commissions over 1000 points / $10: Don't spam me ;;v;; I'd like others to get a chance to commission me too!
-Males and Females 
-Kemonomimi, demons, etc 
-Scars, horns, ears, other accessories 
-OCxOC, OC x Cannon, Cannon x Cannon
-overly muscled characters(they will be toned DOWN) 
-complicated armour 

Examples of my art: 
Main stye: 
Commissions {urgent-ish}Alright, so I need to raise money for myself for A LOT reasons,
I'm running out of my hormone pills (used for my transition) and they're gonna be gone pretty soon, so this is top priority
My laptop is kind of falling apart and I earn a good bit of money from selling stuff online and this is the only online device I have. I'm not sure how much longer this laptop will be around: next priority
I can't find a job rn and plan to move in with my sister in July and haven't been able to find a job. The place to $250 a month for us (each), but it doesn't include utilities, groceries, gas expense, and the fact that i need to buy a car as well, so since this is a couple months down the row, this isn't extreme priority rn.
Anyways, let's get into what's available and the prices!
What I Will Do
 Couples of any kind
 WeaponsLight NSFW Fan art
 OC art
What I Won

Happy hunting all!!

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