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Due to the (quite overwhelmingly!) positive response to this, a discord group has been made!
Please feel free to join, read over the rules and introduce yourselves to get your group role! Once you do, you can see the rest of the chat channels!

Hi all!! Hope you're having a good morning, day, afternoon or night!!

This journal is just looking for some interest and your comments and input would be very much appreciated- what do you all think of an Adoptable-OC discord server? It would be a place you can share WIP's of adopts, advertise your commissions, share finished adopts, get immediate feedback and ideas, share ideas with each other, share theme ideas and art techniques, etc etc etc.... the intention would be an overall helpful community environment.

I know it might be kind of a strange thought for an adopt group, but if you guys are interested I'll be happy to make one for it! Let me know!!

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