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Hello hello again everyone I hope you are having a fantastic day or night!
This is yet another call for admins and this time it is an ASAP basis. There will be no deadline to apply by- you will know if you are accepted or not quite immediately. I am looking to take on roughly 5-6 people. Helping this group run smoothly is no easy feat, it is tough sometimes so I am only looking for people who are dedicated and are seriously interested in staying in the admin position to help clear submissions every day. The more people we have do this, the easier the job is for all of us!

So without further ado, I'm going to put some info from old recruit journals! Be sure to read it- I will know.

I'm looking for trustworthy and reliable people, people who are on DA often (every day preferred but at least once every few days) and accounts that are at LEAST a year or two old. Just like last time, to be sure you read all this, you'll be required to use the word evergreen in your application, just so I know you read everything. You can find out some more info about what I'm after from our last call, by visiting the journal I posted then-…
The more you write on your application the better chance you have, you will appear more friendly and much more desirable the more time you take to fill this out!

To apply, I'll need you to copy and paste this, and answer the questions;

- How long have you been on DA? (other accounts count!)
- How active are you? (logging in and checking messages, not uploading)
- Have you run any groups yourself or been an admin of another group before? (it is NOT essential you have experience to be accepted!)
- Do you have a firm understanding of the rules of this group and the ToS of DeviantArt?

Your job, should you be accepted, will mainly be approving and declining deviations, so you'll need to have a firm understanding of the group rules. You'll get a run through on what goes where in more detail and anything else you need to know when you've been accepted.
There will be a set of instructions and rules you need to follow given to you upon selection! Be sure to read em!

Thanks guys!!

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