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Forever homes for OCs <3
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Meet our mascot, Mother!

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She takes care of all your amazing adoptables, and was created and designed by the lovely @twotiredeyes , click on her to learn more about her!

Scroll a little further and you'll find our group's rules, posts, and some folders.

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to the group!

Please read the info below before joining us as breaking these rules may result in ban without prior warning. ____________

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Group Rules

1. No Theft

Don't trace, steal, repost, claim as your own, ect.

This will result in an instant ban. We do not tolerate this behavior so please report it to us when you see it.

2. Give Credit

In line with rule number 1 to prevent theft- give credit to any work you use such as bases, linework, and references. Only use work you have permission to use.

3. "OPEN" OR "CLOSED" in Title

For any kind of ad please provide the availability in your title.

Deviations can and will be removed that lack this. Alternatively, we request that you remove your deviation if it gets sold. We will manually remove closed adopts if needed.

4. No AI, Dollmaker, Games, Dressup, OR unrelated works

We, in general, do not accept submissions that do not include original artwork you haven't drawn yourself.

ANY AI, gacha, chicken smoothie, ect. will be removed from the group and may result in your ban.

We are an adopt focused group, so please do not submit personal artworks of things not for sale. Commission examples may be posted ONLY with commission info attached. Finished YCHs must link back to the original YCH.

5. Be Kind

Please do not put yourself or others down. We are a community that encourages respecting others as well as yourself.

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New Group Look by RoyalSwirls, journal

Group Info

An 8 year old ongoing, dedicated group for original characters to find their forever homes! Buy and sell adoptable designs, from closed species to clothing, points to PayPal!

For a more direct personal experience with fellow artists please don't hesitate to join our Discord server.

Send us a note if any folders are full, and specify the folder.

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  • have noticed an influx of rule breaking submissions lately so just wanted to make a quick post to address it before it gets out of hand-- even though a lot of them are "small" things this will help a lot, especially since some of these things are being done by artists that post in here a lot ;; thank you all in advance for correcting any of these small mistakes ! i spend hours reorganizing /removing submissions to keep everything in order so this will help me out a lot
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    New Group Look

    1 min read
    Hello all! As per usual DA is having new updates everywhere. We've been given the leisure of time to update the group to this "new" look due to our age, so I've taken the liberty of doing it now while I still can. If something looks off or you have any questions, comments, suggestions please feel free to comment below. On that note, please do welcome a fresh mod to our group to help us out! @mothimoka
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    Something special and extra Christmasy is on the way. Join the server now before you miss it! Our TH : Our Discord :
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