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Welcome to Adoptable-OC!

An adopts group that welcomes all!

Join our discord!

All join requests are automatically accepted, but as with many groups, before joining please read through these rules!

No theft! This is common sense.
Don't trace, steal, repost and claim as your own, etc. This will result in an instant ban! If you find someone in the group who you can prove is stealing work, please send the group a note!
Give credit! For your base work!
Adopts made on base are fine as long as you have the makers permission and you properly credit them in the description! Failure to do so will result in a decline of your submission!
Bases and YCHs are welcome!
Feel free to post YCHs and bases and linearts for others to colour- just make sure they go in the appropriate folders!
Open or Closed In the title!
Please please please include 'Open' or 'Closed' in your deviation title! Submissions will be rejected without them!
This does include journals!
Dollmaker adopts are NOT allowed
Please no dollmaker adopts! If you have drawn something you made from a dollmaker, that is fine! But please don't just submit grabs off doll maker websites!
This also applies to pokemon in game, shinies, etc. We do not accept screenshots from in the game!
Don't be rude! Be friendly!
This is a community, so sharing and caring is best! Be polite!
No Off-Brand Adopts!
We do not accept off-brand adopts, it is considered stealing in our eyes, no matter your opinion.
Please Do Not advertise!
This means in the comment section of the front page! This is discouraged and comments advertising will be hidden! This also applies for comments asking why a deviation was declined. Send the group a note instead, or comment on the declined deviation directly. Anything else will not get an answer!
No Double Submissions!
Submitting the same OC/design twice on two different deviations/journals is not allowed. It takes up space in the folders that could be used for someone else's adopts. If you do this on accident please withdraw one of your submission requests.

Most importantly....

Share your adopts and find them forever homes!

Need more information? Click to read more!

Having trouble selling an elusive adopt? Try our hints journal!
Hints and Tips for Selling Adopts!Hi all!
A question I get every couple of days is how to sell adopts, or asking for advice on how to do so. I thought it may be helpful to provide a journal of some tips I've found sell adoptables well, and if you have anything you'd like to add or discuss please leave a comment below!!
Price Accordingly!
Pricing is difficult, and usually a really subjective topic. I like to say price your adopts at what you are willing to pay for them. If you would not pay 500 points for your design, don't assume anyone else will! This isn't to say you should under price yourself and I thoroughly encourage you not to! You deserve to be paid for your time, effort and work.
Price them at what you are willing to pay, accordingly to the design! Simple designs should cost less than complicated ones! I also like to say leave yourself some leeway, and if you're willing, reduce the price at a later date to make them more enticing. People love to snap up bargains at sales, and adopts are no different! M

To have your avatar shown here, please see the journal!
Weekly Features!Hello all!! I hope you are having a lovely day, night, afternoon, wherever you are!
After the support in my last journal, I have decided to open up paid features and this is how it will work-
There are two categories, front page features and weekly journal features.
All payments for these features will be in points, and I have set up a special DA account specially for it! The account is here!
:iconadoptable-oc-bank: :iconadoptable-oc-bank: :iconadoptable-oc-bank:
ALL feature payments are to go there in the donate widget!! The points donated will STRICTLY BE OF USE to supporting THIS groups super status! Nothing else!
There will be several types of front page features, and different prices for each one. Any of these will ALSO be automatically included in the journal features.  
- Three day feature : 150 :points:
- Seven day feature : 350 :points:
- Month feature : 500 :points:
- Permanent featu


Gallery Folders

[BloomPuffs] Christmas Advent designs [CLOSED] by TheStevieBoy
[BloomPuffs] Solstice Candles [Open] by TheStevieBoy
[CheriVaniPuff] Mystery Design + MYOs Raffle[OPEN] by TheStevieBoy
Points Set Price
Sandamils+Kittydog Adopts! (Closed) by CrystalBonbon
Leftover adopts SALE [Open 3/9] by Salicos
Adopts 002 [2/4 Open] by SimplyAdoptable
Sapphire Adopt #5 (OPEN) by MoonTea99
Points Auctions
[ADOPTABLE]Emoji-AUCTION-(OPEN 2/2) by HimeLove
Robot Models 2-7 [OPEN] by Halowings3
1pt SB || REDUCED AB! by softtacular
[Auction][OPEN] Cats SB 50 points by VelenieAdopts
Paypal Set Price
Llama character adopt - OPEN by Milky-mint
Deer Rose open by happymoose11
Gemsona Adopt: Howlite [OPEN] by CATATONIC-Adopts
Anthro girls sale 2/2 open by Spark-Platinum
Paypal Auctions
|Open| Halberdie |Auction| by Secret-Jewels
adoptable auction (open) by Makoffka
[Auction OPEN 4/4] Adoptable 45-48 by Yingrutai
Adopt [ OPEN ] 01 by Anakya
Dual Payment Set Price
MLP Bat Pony Adopts - OPEN by MercutioEx
OPEN) Adopts - Evelynn Twins by MintyFreshGemstone
Dragon Adopt [OPEN] by Sketchic-Cartoons
Bat Adopt [OPEN] by Sketchic-Cartoons
Dual Payment Auctions
[AUCTION OPEN] Beach fox by AurasAdopts
BUST ADOPT 206 [Auction] [OPEN] by GattoAdopts
Deeryn Adopts 046 - OPEN - by handedice
[OPEN AUCTION] Kitsune by Luludia
OTA - Offer to Adopt - NYP - Name Your Price
Royal T-Rhinocroc Adoptable OPEN by F1SHB0NES
=Slime Cyclops: OPEN= by anubisMelody
[OTA | Open] Kemonomimi Sketch adopt! :3 by Shadow4kuma
Adopt- Open by when-the-moon-howls
Mystery, Gacha, Eggs, Breedables, Aesthetics
(OPEN) Snow Globe Baby - Mystery Aesthetic by AmarantaYuuki
(Adoptables) Gemling Grid OPEN by DualJewels
Canon x OC Breeding Chart OPEN by TheMaskedMare
Egg adopts! [OPEN 3/3!] by Janamdn
Ear flop YCH // OPEN by PurpleFoxKinz
F2U + P2U Bases
Space P2U by NickCola
Journals, Commissions and Advertisements
[OPEN] Commission Sheet by nellichiyo
FINISHED Comms + YCH + Customs
100 theme adopts challenge PREORDERS REVEAL by animaladopts4u
Original Species ref Sheets ONLY
Tvar traits by Dendariiis
Mascot Contest Entries
Tigreff Colored by Alugee


Meet our mascot, Mother!
She takes care of all your amazing adoptables, and was created by the lovely twotiredeyes. Click on her to learn more about her!
(Page doll by milly-adopts)


Check out our affiliates! Feel free to send and affiliate request too! All are accepted!



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