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Hello everyone~
It's your Co-Founder here...
I just recently returned to deviantArt and thought I'd give you a small update about this group!

1. I am currently working on cleaning out the folders as much as I can~! I honestly try my best but due to real life work it still might take a while to finish...

2. That's why I kindly would like to ask for your help! You can help me easily by:
    - Marking your posts CLEARLY as either OPEN or CLOSED/SOLD/TAKEN (anything that clearly tells me this one is over)
    - Or if you just remove your FINISHED adoptables from the group's gallery yourself

It would be really cool if you could do these things so work gets easier on our side.
And please have mercy on me for taking so long to clean out stuff, I'll do it as fast as possible...
I started on the top and will work my way through one by one so please don't ask me to 'do this and that folder first' since I won't do that to not get confused as of what folder I already finished and what not.
Hope to get your help with this.

Lovely Greetings~
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behaviour in the group
- be nice and friendly
- don't use bad words
- you can advertise adoptables in the comments
- journals belong in the folder "journals"!
- report rude people

gallery rules
- you can submit 1 devilation to featured very week
- you can submit to all other folders as much as you want
- submit to the right folder! ( if not I will move your devilation to the right folder or delete if from the group )
- don´t steal adoptables from other people
- if you use bases or lineart you have to name the artist in your describtion

also: please tell me when folders are full.

if you have problems with something come to us, we'll try our best to help you!


Gallery Folders

Open Adopt re#20 FIRE FIST!!! by simpleantony
(Mavis)Adopt auction CLOSE by BariesuTerramNew
Adopt Action #1 : Aqua fantasy girl theme - 30$ by numfar2547
Two twins Aution Open by Marianisart
adoptable challenge
Set price AdoptsCute - OPEN by Kurumi-Ne
ADOPT kitsune auction [OPEN] by zefellina
ms paint doodle adopts open 4/7 by shellykinnie
Neuro Toxin Adopt auction open by DaiB1
Species sheets
Adopt auction OPEN by KazarKa9
Beast Of The Forest | Adopt Auction [CLOSED] by Wgmnll
[OPEN] CS | Vorpher #1 AUCTION by caskettches
[OPEN 6\10] Magical animals by SnafiTide
AUCTION YCH People by Wuure
[OPEN] Ych auction 18 (restart) by Nachmochok
[OPEN] PE lesson YCH [Human/Furry] by miraymoon by miraymoon
YCH auction #49-50 lying in a chair (OPEN 2/2) by Amenorium
free adoptables
1K WATCHER RAFFLE! (adopt + art) by Chromlyte
Pony Adopt #44 [CLOSED] by HeruSann
[AUCTION] ADOPTABLE ( CLOSED ) by thiengallery
ADOPT AUCTION Number:1 by takuma12
raffle adoptables
Phorehst adoptable [OPEN] by VesnaWintersArt
1 OPEN adopt Cerberus hell gate quard by SnowmanAndOctopus
Polly by CreativeCookie777
Huge Adoptable pack - OTA [7\10 OPEN] by S1IverW0lf
draw to adopt
Bruno the Poker Master - Adopt (Open) by Squeetie-Draws
(Open) Adopt #5/ Desert Prince by SoulFir3fly
[Clossed]Adoptable015 Oni Guardian: Taiyo by mayaflare
trade adoptables
Anthro|Adopt auction {OPEN} by Loriday
Moon Cow OTA || OPEN by Mikafalala
Auction [Open] adopts . by VLadaR05
Big Character Purge || OPEN by Cairo-Stark
name your price - offer to adopt points
[CLOSED] NYP Rainbow Fantasy Adopts by ChampiVenao
HQ mlp adopt batch UNICORN themed OTA (CLOSED) by Peachilyy
- [open ota] honey delivery - by garlitbread
Adopt by Girlfurriend
point auction
Adopt auction [OPEN] by xAMIRum
(CLOSED Adoptable Auction) The candle Spirit by Crishzi
{REDUCED PRICES}Hellish Adopts [1/4]OPEN by pointsforshy
[OPEN] 5$ / 500 POINTS pastel adoptables by arimeu
50 points or less
Adopt auctions (((Open))) by QueenOfFeathers
50-100 points
Doritos Girl Adoptable: OPEN by WoodburyBound
100-200 points
Fluff - Open ota by MillkyGalaxy
200-500 points
50%SALE!(OPEN 4\6) villager adopts by DarkLolipop88
500 - 1000 points
Aesthetic Chibi Auction (OPEN) by pastelaine-art
1000 points or more
PWYW ADOPTS (OPEN) by ashstoptalking
name your price - offer to adopt money
[set price] adopt 666 OPEN by infinitum14
money auction
Adoptable auction [OPEN] Undertaker Girl by Purple8Goose
1$ or less
Gem adopts : Angels [4/8 OPEN] by MinEevee
(ON SALE) [$1] Leftover Puppy Adopts OPEN (12/15) by Oktofry
horned cat adopt (open) by Handnun
Adopt 187 : Sketch Mechamon IX | OPEN (4/4) by I5HIMARU
[ OPEN ] ADOPTABLE #01 Neon spirit by SPYPSY. by SPYPSYPHY
OPEN Dragon Biker Dog Auction by DaftAftermath
100$ or more
[Auction|OPEN] Adoptable #002 by Grey-sky-102
bases - F2U
Adopt auction [OPEN] by BexWoo
lineart - F2U
Adopt#10(OPEN) by honkhonk233
bases - P2U
[P2U] Anthro Chibi Base by Alexy7w7
lineart - P2U
Humanoid Desert Fox Adoptable Auction [OPEN] by AppeI
Adopt Us Now- Group Icon by L-Master-of-Disaster
Group theme June and July 2014
point auction - CLOSED
.:Random Dog Adopt- Auction|CLOSED|:. by WandaKinkay

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