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Hello everyone!

Welcome to

-- NOTE --
Please do not worry if your deviation has not been accepted yet! We get hundreds of deviations submitted to us each day - please be patient! We are working as quickly as we can to review them all


:star: How to Join :star:
Click on the join the group button at the top of our page! Everyone will immediately be accepted in the group!

Thank you to PennecPox who won the icon contest!

:heart: Rules :heart:

:bulletred: Please, please, please submit to the right folders! Your adopts will not be accepted if you don't submit them correctly! If you're not sure where they should go, then please just ask!

:bulletred: If you use a base or a maker of any kind, please make sure to credit the maker of it; they worked hard on them!

:bulletred: Please do not spam the comment section with advertisements- you can advertise now and again, but not constantly.

:bulletred: Don't be mean to other members! :c

:bulletred: If you do not follow the rules, then you will be removed from the group or even banned.

:bulletred: If you start a serious and nasty argument with one of our admins over a simple misunderstanding, you will be temporarily banned. When you're unbanned, if you do it again, we will not hesitate to permanently ban you from the group.

:bulletred: If your adoptable has been adopted or has hatched, please remove it from our group. If you don't know how here-
- Go to your deviation
-Scroll down and on the right hand side, it should show what groups your deviation is in.
-Hover over our group and a little pencil should appear on the top right of the group.
-Click on this little pencil and it will say 'remove this deviation from the group' click it and it will say 'are you sure' and click 'okay'

:bulletred: :new: Adoptables/Journals/Advertisements must now have the word 'Open' in the title in order to be accepted into the group. ( Ex: Human Adopt [Open] )

:bulletred: Any art or adoptable theft in the group will NOT be tolerated. If you are discovered to have stolen or traced another person's work in order to sell it here, you will be permanently banned.

:bulletgreen: Have fun!


:star: The Royal Family:star:
These are all the people that make this group happen! Without their help and dedication this group would probably be terrible :L I thank all these amazing Admins for all their help!

Adopt Queen






Where our buddiez are ;w;

What are adopts? And how do I sell them?

Profile bullet 1 by Ponnui So what ARE adoptables? Profile bullet 1 by Ponnui

Adoptables are basically characters/items that you design yourself that can be sold for a set price or given for free. They can be sold for points or real money if you wish! You can also make adopts that can be adopted by drawing them or writing about them!
Adoptables can be anything from dogs to deer, to clothing to creatures you've made up! As long as they are of your own design, the possibilities are endless. :la:

Profile bullet 2 by PonnuiHow do I get people to adopt them? Profile bullet 2 by Ponnui

:bulletred: Once you've made your adopts, upload them to Deviantart like you normally would and name them something like 'Adoptable [Name of what you've got for adoption, e.g. dogs] batch 1' or something like that.

:bulletorange: Then in the description, put how much they are like 5 :points:, free, etc.

:bulletyellow: You can also put tags on your artwork in a box just below the description box. Put in the tags 'adoptables' 'adopts' etc.

:bulletgreen: For the category, go to devianART related > Devious fun > Adoptables.
Then click submit now! :D
Also- due to the tags being added, people will be able to see your adopts if they look up the tags.

:bulletpurple: And you can also submit them to our group and other adoptable groups too! Just click 'contribute art' and put it into the correct folder! (If you don't what folder to put it in, then just ask, we'll help you! :D)

:star: Then just wait a little while, and then maybe a few deviants will say 'Can I have one of the adopts' and if you agree (and they give you the points or money) then they now own that adoptable and you can put in the description that someone now owns that certain adoptable. And that is basically how it works! You'll get more people looking at your art if you submit it with tags and put it into adoptable groups! And also make your designs original too! Don't copy a colour scheme of a character that already exists (Well, you can, but as long as there IS changes to it, then its fine.)

Profile bullet 6 by Ponnui Need some advice on your adopts? Profile bullet 6 by Ponnui
Feel free to ask us for some advice in the comments! We'd be more than happy to help you. ^^

Profile bullet 4 by Ponnui Having trouble finding the right folder to place your deviation in Profile bullet 4 by Ponnui
Press this button to see what content should go in which folder! ^^

Hello everyone!
I apologize for the wait, the amount of submissions we had to get to proved to be a lot bigger than expected. But the groups submissions are now back open!
We may be looking for more admins to help the team out in the near future, so if you're interested be sure to keep an eye out!
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