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Update: (3/19) Added "of age" TOS in accordance with paypal's TOS. I've always known this but I wanted to include this in my buyer's agreement in case some minors have been lying to me about their age or are thinking about buying from me in the future. I do accept DA points for some designs so everyone has access to buying adopts from me without having to resort to lying or feel limited to paypal. I thought this was obvious but please please please do not illegally use paypal.

Also added crediting regarding commercial use of designs(not the artwork the purchased concept)

When you purchase you automatically agree to the following terms:

1. All artwork drawn by me(Immonia/Gray) is protected under a creative commons license. This is in regards to art only I have drawn not future works by the buyers/new owners. Use of the drawn work must follow the terms stated in the license located here. You automatically agree to these terms and that you have read and seen the license.…

1a. The artwork(not the design concept) can not be altered in any way shape, form or medium. If altered, can not be posted or shared.

1b. The artwork(not the design concept) can only be used for non-profit and non-commercial use.
1c. The artwork(not the design concept) anywhere it is shared credit to me must be given.

2. ( Added: 3/5/2019 )Paypal Related ) On purchase you are saying you are truthfully and lawfully 18 Years or older, you are using your own paypal account and your own earned money to make purchases. I can not sell work to you otherwise. Please look at paypal's TOS.

2a. In the situations of chargebacks you will be banned from future purchases.

3. I am allowed to show or display the design for my portfolios(digital and physical) or any art websites where I display work. This is non-commercial and non-profit reasons. This is in regards to the original design/adopt sheet it was posted on.

4. Credit for the original design need not be established in every instance where it is used, shared, depicted, etc, but should be given when it would be particularly appropriate to do so, such as in a reference sheet or bio, or when marketing or sold goods are involved. This will be generally trusted to the buyer's judgement, but should the designer feel attribution is appropriate in a specific instance where it was not included, the buyer is obligated to include it if asked.

4a. ( Added: 3/5/2019 ) In regards to using the concepts(Not my artwork but the actual design) for commercial based work please contact me about listing/crediting specifics. Otherwise credit to me needs to be listed anywhere it is posted commercially. (You have to be the buyer of the design)

5. Art with my signature must never be removed or skewed beyond recognition. This includes individual files given, artwork or where ever my signature is listed.

5a. You may change the look of the signature(Color, font type, size and placement) but it must be still be readable, legible, and recognizable.

6. You agree that you have read the FAQ and agree to source material in the writing. This is in reference to reselling, gifting, turning into species, crediting, changes and design alterations. The FAQ can be seen here Regarding Adopts FAQ

6a. If major changes are made to the FAQ guidelines or Buyer's Agreement, I will update the journal that alerts users. I am not required to individually alert or confirm that you saw the changes.

6b. Changes will never include policies that involve taking back designs exchanged sold/traded/gifted or by any means of possession or ownership changed.

7. If in the case of reselling, you agree to let the buyer know where the design originated and that the terms stated are still in affect.

8. You understand that you are buying the digital concept of the design and no physical copy is being sent or sold to you.
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If I can clarify some points, if I were to use one of your design concepts (once I'd bought it obviously) in a book, the description of the creature would be fine and I could use my own illustrations of your design, correct? It would only be if I was using your artwork in my book that you'd protest?
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Yes you are correct.
Credit for the original design source also must be mentioned.
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Alright, thanks for the clarification~!
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I think it's okay ... only number 2 is something I wouldn't want as buyer.^^"
Because I don't like my personal art on other pages than deviantArt.
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Is me still posting the adopt sheet the concept was sold on, still a problem? Could you please clarify what exactly you don't like about me posting work I've done? I'd like to understand better.
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If I may add my two cents, as a buyer and seller. (As soon as I get some extra cash I'm coming for one of your designs I swear it ahaha) As long as you state it was an adopt sale/commission and you no longer own the character concept I don't see how it's an issue at all honestly.
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When this person replied, I think it wasn't clear enough because I didn't specify that it was the adopt sheet originally. I recently added to the agreement that it was in reference to the design sheet I drew that would be posted elsewhere. They haven't replied to me since then so I don't if that was the reason why they got confused. I'm not posting other people's artwork on my portfolio sites.
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Yeah that's what I assumed, sorry if I wasn't clear. Just thought I'd throw my opinion in the mix just in case you'd like to hear another
But yeah, I believe it's a fair agreement!
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ehh it's fine. Yeah thanks for the second input.
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I wouldn't be posting your personal art. It would be my artwork. Like the sheet I originally posted it on. It's in regards to me drawing it.
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