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Last Edit: 3/5/2019 - Added a section about Paypal's of Age TOS
Also added a screencap of how to pay for digital goods through paypal(non invoice way)

Okay so occasionally I get asked how I feel about reselling, editing, and gifting so I'm going to put down my thoughts regarding my adopts.

Now once an adopt is bought, you guys are really allowed to do what ever you want with the design you've bought from me. I'm pretty relaxed on the matter because that's how it works. If you're asking me what I think about this, that, or the other, I'm going to let you know how I feel and you can choose to respect what I tell you or not. I don't have a say what happens to an adopt later but this is just out of respect. Bottom line for me, as long as you give me credit for the original design/source, then I'm peachy because I have a right to that.

Must be 18 Years and Have your Own Paypal account  - (NEW) 3/5/19
It is illegal and against Paypal's TOS for me to sell to a paypal account created by a minor(Lied about their age). I will not sell to you if the paypal account does not belong to you and you are not paying with your own money. You may not use another person's paypal to pay for my adopts/artwork regardless if your parents have given you permission to pay for my designs. Etc. using your parent account. While it's hard for me to truly determine your age online these guidelines are in place to avoid paypal chargebacks and more serious consequences placed on me in the future. I do this as half of my job and it pays for things such as student loans and other expenses. Please do not ruin this for everyone as I can't keep selling designs if I feel like I'm not legally safe to sell work.

Paying Through Paypal - (NEW) 3/5/19
If you are not paying a direct invoice please look here to properly(or else create a good habit) send payments through paypal.
Paying Through Paypal 

Once again I'll state I have no reign on how you resell but I'm listing my thoughts and you can choose to listen out of respect or not. I'm not going to get offended if you don't follow what I said I'm just listing. I would prefer if you sell it only for the amount you bought it for. You're pretty much getting back a refund and not profiting off my creativity. You don't have to tell me who you sell it to but it's nice to know so I can re-list the correct owner so people don't think the design was stolen from the original buyer.

Gift away! You don't have to tell me who you gifted it to and same as the resell for the reason of listing.

Trade away! You don't have to tell me who you traded it to and same as the resell for the reason of listing.

Trading for Vouchers
When trading my designs to seek vouchers please be transparent about how much you purchased the design for. This includes any art you may have purchased for them in total. Please do not "hide" the total and have some idea what you're looking for. It just feels sneaky to me not to do so originally(Even if that's not your intention). I would prefer that added art is included as extra and not to the total (when cash is involved) but that's my opinion. Just be 100% transparent with what is stated and with a base price. Once again this is my opinion and how I would prefer my designs to be traded when seeking vouchers. This my preference and is not a definite rule.

You want to change it's main color, add a few things, interpret what I drew differently, change the gender, some accessories, go for it! I'm totally relaxed on the matter. Once again, I'm not in control of what happens but these are my thoughts. Just credit me for the original design/source.

Turning it into a Species
Here's where I start to get iffy. I have no control over this but normally with species, people tend to sell mass amounts of them to other people = profit, if they take off. Sooo profiting from my original not that appealing to me...Now if you wanted to turn it into a species for your own story/world, I'm all for that! I might even like to see how you interpreted the species because it's fun to see. I can't control or micromanage what happens to designs once purchased, I just really want you guys to credit me with the original source/design.

Buying multiple adopts from multiple pages
To help me organize, please send me a note with the link to the sheet(s) with the adopt number and the sheet name. This way I can tally them up faster and keep track of all the scatter adopts you want to buy.

(Link) Adopt 1 Mixed 76
(Link) Adopt 12 LOA 4

No Holding Policy
This is mentioned in every DA description I post(Simplified). I do not hold designs because of a few reasons. In the past people have forgotten to pay me or forgotten they wanted to purchase the design. I've had instances where they changed their minds after a long hold. Holds prevents me from selling if issues arise and it's not fair to people who may have been interested and have money on hand ready to go. 

All of my work is protected under a creative commons license with some limitations. If you use my drawings that were created to sell the adopts, they fall under this licensing. Artwork drawn by me must be credited to me where ever used, can not be used commercially/for profit and can not be altered in anyway in medium, appearance, presentation or design. Refer to this for more info Licensing

Design Licensing
If you have purchased a design from me, you have freedom to alter the design as specified in this journal. Credit for the original design source is still required. For more information on the license refer to this journal Licensing

Full res/individual file for the purchased adopt
I do have the full res files available. Please ask for them in a note if you would like them after purchase. They are MSP png files. Microsoft Paint does not have transferable transparent files so I can't give transparent files. Please be respectful of the files I send you and refer to licensing above regarding the drawn artwork.

However you want to credit me is up to you. For example you could put it in every drawing you do of the design or just in the first drawing that's fine. As long as you aren't blatantly claiming you came up with the design we're good. Being able to locate the original designer not only helps to support the artist to keep producing designs but it also helps the admirer find the creator so they can appreciate the art or buy a design of their own. I also fave every drawing made of designs I've sold. I like seeing them because it's nice to know the community enjoys them.

Points through specific widget
I take points for adopts but only through an "Adopt Payment" widget located on the front page of my main gallery. I only take points through that widget because it will eventually allow me to convert it to cash after Deviantart withholds the money from me for a 2 week clearance period. If I could not convert it to cash I would not take points. Please send the points to the correct location when prompted. Not to be mistaken with the "Send Points" button which is completely different.

Adopts with Bracket Prices
These are adopts that have set prices that are different from the rest of the sheet.

Ex. 8USD or 800pts sheet but the adopt is (13USD)

These are to set the price based on time and effort or my personal value rating of the design. These bracket adopts can only be purchased in USD through paypal. I value paypal purchases over point payments because funds made with points are withheld from me, by DA, until a 2 week clearance period. I may make exceptions depending on my current financial situation but otherwise, these are paypal purchases only.

Do you take art for Adopts?
Unless otherwise stated by me, I do not accept any type of art trade or exchange for any of the adopts I sell.

Can't Find Adopt on Original Sheet
I move sheets that have all sold adopts/Closed to the "Status Changed or Sold folder" in my gallery.…

Available Adopts in the "Status Changed or Sold folder"
If you see a sheet that doesn't have closed in the title, in the "Status Changed or Sold folder", those are sheets that have adopts re-located to "Left Over Adopt Sheets". Available adopts in the "Status Changed or Sold" folder must be checked for their availability in my main gallery outside of the folder.

Sold an already purchased adopt
This happens once in a blue moon but if you notice that I accidentally sold an adopt that you had already purchased, let me know in a note. Please add a screenshot of your paypal(proof of purchase) or DA(proof of purchase) record along with a screen cap of my reply note(Payment received note) with the date it was sent. I can either give you a voucher for a free design that covers any future or past available adopts or I can talk something over with the new buyer. Please do not try and handle this yourself and be patient with me. I normally keep good records but mistakes happen.

Reply to my purchase notes/comments
Let me know when you send payments so I can reply back with a payment received. This is your receipt in the future regarding any confusions. I don't delete any records/notes so I use this as a cross reference along with my paypal history.

Once a design is bought, I don't have much of a say regarding the adopt. The things above I've chosen to list in case anyone was curious to what I thought on the matter. Bottom line I get credit for the original design/source period. I have a right to be listed for the original source. If you take credit for the base design you bought from me/claim coming up with it yourself..we're going to have some problems and I probably won't sell you another design in my/your life time. So please credit me guys!

Other than crediting me, you can choose to follow this or not and I won't get offended.
If you guys have any other questions related to this let me know.

© 2014 - 2022 Adopt-Monstar
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R0zee's avatar
I just want to clear this up with you since I do not want to break any of your licensing rules.

the adopts I purchase, the art that you draw I am not allowed to replicate and distribute that image without credit correct ?

Am I allowed to create drawings I do myself of your designs and use it for comics, storys and create things I can sell with it?  With proper credit to you of course :3
Adopt-Monstar's avatar
The art I create you can not alter, redistribute or use commercially at all.
If redistributed it can not be commercial and credit must be mentioned.
Ex: You post the work on toyhouse so you must credit me.

Anything you draw of the design can be, I just have to be properly credited.
R0zee's avatar
Thank you for clarifying ~ I really appreciate it ^_^
Adopt-Monstar's avatar
Rykhers's avatar
I have a random question that came up when i looked at your gallery. Its just a question for fun. c:
Do you ever make sure that your creatures wouldnt look alike? I mean have you checked if there is any very similar designs or creatures in your gallery? :0
Adopt-Monstar's avatar
I actually haven't
I have moments where I thought I drew something like it already but I skim and don't find one.
so I guess I have checked. It's just really hard to keep up with them since I've got well over a 1000 designs here and on my main account.
Rykhers's avatar
Yea i can imagine why you are not checking. There is really too many of them already.
Thanks for the answer! c:
Adopt-Monstar's avatar
Yeah no problem!
PteraDragon's avatar
This is extremely well put!! 
Adopt-Monstar's avatar
Thanks. I've had a lot of questions pop up so it's good to be as clear as possible.
Adopt-Monstar's avatar
I think if you change them to not look like zippercats and got rid of the zippers if should be fine. They just can't be turned back into zippercats after.

If you want to ask aeibutt as that would be good too. They are the rights holder to the entire zippercat species. I'm just an approved zippercat design maker.
caipirovka's avatar
Read, signed, and will abide by! <3
YarkarioLu's avatar
*adds a credit section to his site for the things he purchases from you to use in his story, universe. That is mostly sci fi fantasy RP* Your designs be bitchen yo.
Adopt-Monstar's avatar
Right on -thumbs up
ReM-Swine's avatar
I recently thought about using the designs I got from you in a future webcomic in the works or possibly a video game (whoa son, watch your ambitions). Is it fine that I include them as long as I credit you?
Adopt-Monstar's avatar
Yep. I'm perfectly fine with that. Just credit is a must :)
ReM-Swine's avatar
EerieIdeal's avatar
I could probably make my own fantasy world with all the critters I got from you XDD
Adopt-Monstar's avatar
Lol yeah you probably could XD
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