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Welcome to Adopt-A-Writer!

This group helps members connect across dA and meet people they may have never found otherwise.
Come in and adopt a writer!


How does this work?

:bulletred: Join the group
:bulletred: Fill out one of the three forms to the right; Adoption, Mentor or Buddy form.
:bulletred: Research Assistant and Illustrator forms now available.
:bulletred: A staff member will match you with your adoptee, adopter or buddy based on the information supplied on the form and you will be informed.
:bulletred: There will be a fortnightly or monthly check up to see how the partnership is going and whether it should change.

Also, please note:

We do not accept any works in our gallery unless they're a collaboration between paired individuals or a few special circumstances. Please don't ask us to accept your work if it doesn't fit into those categories.


Name of Image

Name of Image

:star::bulletred::star: PLEASE BE AS DETAILED AS POSSIBLE ON YOUR FORMS TO ALLOW FOR GOOD MATCHES: :star::bulletred::star:

Please note that there are new forms to fill in for illustrators and research assistants if you are looking for that sort of thing. Spread the word!

:star::bulletblue::star: (Please read through the whole journal, even if parts of it are the same, as I have edited things lower down too) :star::bulletblue::star:

:star: Forms :star:

:bulletred: Please do fill out a form if you have joined as this is the only way I can know what you want to do. The forms are on the right hand side of the main page, clearly marked. I encourage you to fill one in, as I cannot know from just your joining the group what it is that you want to do.
:bulletred: You can fill out a form (or three) while you wait for your membership status to be accepted.
:bulletred: Please do be as detailed as possible on the form so I can match you with someone good.
:bulletred: Please Note that if you don't fill out a form, but simply join the group and wait I will not be able to sniff what you need and as such your experience of the group will be a bad one.
:bulletred: Please do note that there are different forms for different things. There is a Buddy Form , a Mentor Form and a Adoption Form as well as forms for illustrating pairing: the Illustration Form - Writer and the Illustration Form - Artist as well as forms for research assistants: the Research Assistant Form - Researcher and the Research Assistant Form - Writer
:bulletred: Please do note that you can fill out all the forms and be a different thing to a different person!
:bulletred: If you are not mentioned in a "News" journal, or contacted by me ( MagicalJoey ) within a week of filling out a form please :note: note me, as forms seem to have stopped coming to my email and I can only retrieve them from the form site.
:bulletred: If you think of a question/section that should be on a particular form that is not there, please :note: me ( MagicalJoey ) or :note: the group and it will be taken into consideration.

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If you feel that your pairing is not working out after two weeks or more of trying it out, please note the group and it will be re-examined.

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:star: Pairings :star:


:bulletred: We have the following buddies waiting to be paired within the buddy pool.
jasmin167 (From 14 February 2016)
- Fanfiction
Just stay weird
Just be you
Avenged sevenfold are my five future husbands including the old and new members!
We're one dis functional family
Stand your own!
Rock out
Virgo is my zodiac sign
stand out

CalliesKennel (From 09 May 2017)
- Romance, Fan Fiction, and short stories. I love Photography and Horses and dogs and cooking and music.

AlecxHound (From 30 October 2017)
- I write in comics and for fun, but have a hard time knowing if the plots are good. I'd like someone to look at my writing so far, and the writing on my characters' backstories, and provide feedback. They'd be helping me with writing advice on the grammar and setup of the plot, I've got all the big stages in it down, but not sure how to properly make sure things flow, or if there's enough feeling in it, or if it's interesting enough that someone would even WANT to read a comic about it.

13Leagues (From 24 March 2018)
- Mainly novel styled fantasy, with some sci-fi and modern stuff here and there. I don't really have many peeves. I'm an open-minded person so I guess my biggest one would be close-minded people. Though I will say that I have a writing pet-peeve of overly cliche themes and bad grammar.

Atashi9205 (From 27 April 2018)
- I write fan fiction, typically, for anime. I write my fan fiction in the present tense and in second person. I am able to write well in third person, though. My favorite authors here on DeviantART are Greystream, Vizkopa, Words-of-Fate, Mythiica, and Im-P-ulse.

pinkykyra (From 15 July 2018)
- I write fiction, fantasy, romance, drama and a bit of comedy. I tend to keep my writing simple, but sometimes I can go overboard explaining to the reader how one character is feeling or environment descriptions. I love animals, nature, and gravitate toward more of animation, drawing, and 3D sculpting. I also like to watch my favorite anime series when I can. I love to write and read comics of my interests. I dream of writing a couple of comics of my own someday.


:bulletred: We have the following mentees waiting to be adopted.
bluewind10dude (From 09 August 2017)
- Action, adventure, comedy, comics, manga, romance, drama, mystery genres. I want to be a successful author, I already have plenty ideas and have started some of them. I'm also interested in making tv shows so feedback and opinion is needed.

ariahartsu56 (From 30 October 2017)
- Romance, I don't know, anything really. Anything you can teach me I guess, I don't know.

Its-Me-Now (From 26 November 2017)
- I'm mostly interested in realistic fiction, and I write in third and first person. I'm interested in learning to write more, as I obviously write to a bare minimum unless something interests me. I'd also want to learn plot execution and build-up, as i'm a bit too straight to the point in my writing.

KopiiSketch (From 04 February 2018)
- My favorite topics are LGBT stories, romance, horror, Shakespeare, Greek mythology. What do you expect from your mentor? To expand my vocabulary and teach me how to create more detail and visual. I am more comfortable working with females mostly but I am not limited to any gender or species when it comes to co-op or mentoring.

caffeinatedpenfriend (From 03 June 2018)
- I love writing stories of any kind. I have yet to write a full story with chapters though I would love to do so. I like to write fantasy, supernatural, romance, and even the occasional MA. I like to do research on my topics so I know what I'm getting into. I would love to learn anything really. I have the occasional urge to write poetry but I just don't know how. I would love to learn anything I possibly can, even things like grammar and character development. I would also like to learn ways to make a plot come together.

CSEmber (From 23 June 2018)
- I would like someone who is able to read through and offer insight on characters, plot points, and story arcs in general. I'm less concerned about grammatical errors at this point, since that's for phase two. I'm at about 51k words. I expect to double that in november for NaNo, so it would need to be someone who is willing to read quite a bit. I need someone who is able to keep me on track, and offer insight and critique from time to time. I had a mentor a while back, but they fell off the face of the earth. I'm not sure what I would need to give in return, but if they need help with their own stuff, I'd be glad to offer my insight in return.


:bulletred: We have the following mentors waiting to be paired with a writer.
Mythical-Ink (From 28 September 2017)
- i like to write about morbid things sometimes when im bored, but I mainly write horror, romance or fantasy (mainly dragons). I also love using personification. I find it hard to write about people for some reason but I like doing it because it challenges me. i think that everyone who wants to write should have a decent chance to learn! I am usually a straight A student in my english classes and everyone always says i'm so good at writing. I am pretty good with time management and grammar but I use Grammarly mainly because I have a habit of hitting the wrong keys on the keyboard.

Faewning (From 28 September 2017)
- Although I only have poetry on my profile at the moment, my heart lies with prose. I go through a vigorous process with proofing and editing before I consider uploading it, but prose is my first love. With poetry, my knowledge lies in free verse. I don't know the forms very well. I understand the flow and the emotion, but that's it. With prose, I enjoy reading all genres--however, I'm not particularly fond of children's literature. I myself tend to lean toward writing fantasy/apocalyptic/coming-of-age stories with the occasional nonfiction. I don't like to "write what I know". I like to learn and research and expand my knowledge.

JeshuaMorbus (From 28 September 2017)
- Mainly, modern fantasy (Michael Ende, H. P. Lovecraft, Joan Manuel Gisbert; María Gripe). I have some experience on fantasy science fiction (Ursula K. Leguin type). I usually center around the concept of "rythmm" (what you call "time management") and a correct use of semantics (after all, the meaning of a simple word can turn upside down a story). Also, i'm spanish. I can read and write english just fine but i excel on this craft in my own language, not so much in english.

DaesLune (From 30 October 2017)
- For the most part, 3rd person omniscient fantasy or sci-fi stories are my bread and butter. I can't really stand 1st person. Modern-day stories are not my strong suit either. Lastly, I don't peddle in smut.

ground-zeroo (From 26 November 2017)
- I'm interested in writing about realistic fiction, and most normally write in first person. I can teach to write in first and third point of view, how to manage time and hopefully help with grammar.

rayofsunshan (From 15 January 2018)
- Although I consider myself more of a poet, I can also write prose that is significantly general and historical fiction. I am able to provide guidelines on sentence structure and imagery. I am also able to give grammar pointers.

Dragoneye701 (From 15 January 2018)
- I mostly write fantasy, but I am also familiar with argumentative writing and essays for college classes. I am a total grammar freak, very focused on sentence flow and then I get into plot formation. I'm pretty good at time management as long as I'm interested.

Atashi9205 (From 27 April 2018)
- I am capable of teaching whoever my mentee will be how to avoid unnecessarily switching from one point of view to another, proper grammar, and the correct spelling of words. If there is something that needs editing in whatever my mentee has written, then I will edit it and write several tips at the end of the story and the detail I have corrected or made better. I am also very strict with grammar and spelling, and I am usually blunt with offering my critiques. My critiques will make you better, I'm sure, so they are not all for naught.

WritingxRoyalty (From 03 June 2018)
- While I write both poems and prose, I only do poems for venting out emotions - my heart is truly with prose. I prefer writing stories - from short stories to interactive stories. I typically stick with darker topics, leaning more so towards things like psychological thrillers and dark romance than anything else.  I can help with time management, 3rd person POV, as well as research on mental illnesses and the like (due to the above mentioned genres I work with). While not being very skilled with dialogue, I can help you lean towards making your stories bringing out as much emotion as possible.

Xanedis (From 01 July 2018)
- Fantasy, contemporary fiction, romance, superheroes, Sci-fi(occasionally). General plotting, intricate character development and general world-building(not for Sci-fi). I can't read scripts but I can talk about the general arch of the story and about your characters in-depth. I except you to ask deep, probing questions about your own work, and to answer mine as well. I won't necessarily be telling you what to do(most of the time), but rather I want you to find these answers through the questions that I ask(and I know which questions to ask).

Illustrators Looking For Writers

:bulletred: We have the following illustrators waiting to be paired with a writer.
ground-zeroo (From 26 November 2017)
- What Type of Writing Can You Illustrate? Short Stories, Novel Covers, Character Reference Sheets. Will You Charge For Your Services? Yes - I will work out a deal with the writer. No - I will work for free, depending on the complexity of the artwork.

christine326 (From 30 July 2018)
- What Type of Writing Can You Illustrate? Comics/Manga, Short Stories, Novel Covers, Character Reference Sheets. I can do life drawing, concept, covers. Will You Charge For Your Services? Yes - I will work out a deal with the writer. No - I will work for free, depending on the complexity of the artwork.

Writers Looking For Illustrators

:bulletred: We have the following writers waiting to be paired with an illustrator.
ariahartsu56 (From 30 October 2017)
- What Form of Writing Do You Need Illustration For? Novel Cover, Character Reference Sheet, Map. Are You Willing to Pay for Illustration Services? No - I am not willing to do this at all.

Cherry212 (From 15 January 2018)
- What Form of Writing Do You Need Illustration For? Comic/Manga. Are You Willing to Pay for Illustration Services? No - I am not willing to do this at all.

jaynesbrothersue (From 27 April 2018)
- What Form of Writing Do You Need Illustration For? Comic/Manga, Short Story. Are You Willing to Pay for Illustration Services? Yes - I will work out a deal with the artist.

Xanedis (From 03 June 2018)
- What Form of Writing Do You Need Illustration For? Comic/Manga Other Writing Forms Novels, web serial. Are You Willing to Pay for Illustration Services? No - I cannot afford this at this time.

Xanedis (From 01 July 2018)
-  What Form of Writing Do You Need Illustration For? Comic/Manga Other Writing Forms I write novels also.  Are You Willing to Pay for Illustration Services? No - I cannot afford this at this time.

Bonniecakes (From 30 July 2018)
- What Form of Writing Do You Need Illustration For? Novel Cover. Are You Willing to Pay for Illustration Services? No - I am not willing to do this at all.

Writers Looking For Researchers

:bulletred: We have the following writers waiting to be paired with an researcher.
OvertheWinterWall (From 01 July 2018)
- What Do You Need Research For? Specific Genre Accuracy (E.g. Historical Events for Historical Fiction) Plagiarism Check (Is your idea original or has someone else written about it before) Other Research Required: Research for accuracy in language as well (accents, dialects, and foreign language translating). My story is basically an original, but based off the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale myth and parts of Gone with the Wind. I hope that nothing intertwines with the copyrighted Disney Beauty and the Beast movies, or any other modern adaption of that tale--as well as anything to do with Gone with the Wind. I hope someone can tell me if I cross too many boundaries.

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Name of Image

:star: Group Promotion :star:

:bulletred: GrammarNaziCritiques is still low on prose pieces to critique and the critics are hungry for work.
If you have any prose that you want critiqued please place some questions in your comments (they help with guidelines as to what you want looked at specifically) and submit - you don't need to be a member.

:bulletorange: GrammarNaziCritiques is looking for critics.
If you are interested please contact me [ MagicalJoey ] and I will guide you through the process. You are only required to critique two (2) pieces per month (more than that is obviously welcome) and you may still submit your own work for critique.

:bulletyellow: Understood-Accepted is taking in ideas for life skills topics of discussion.
If you have any ideas for topics we can discuss in 'Claires' Corner' (our life skills blog) please note these to me [ MagicalJoey ] and I will sort through them. For previous topics please look at the  'Claires' Corner' custom box on the 'About Us' page.

:bulletgreen: Understood-Accepted is taking in song suggestions.
If you have any songs that uplift/inspire or that cover a topic (abuse/depression/etc.) please note the group with a YouTube link

:bulletblue: Ordinary-Writing is looking for admins and challenge participants.
If you can work in a prose-centric environment and work as a team to better the group, we want you. If you can work well under pressure and deadlines, we want you too. If you don't want to be an admin but just want to participate in the challenges and contests, we want you even more.

:bulletpurple: Understood-Accepted is looking for people's Life Stories.
If you know of someone who's gone through a mental illness/suffers from a mental illness or a physical one and would like to share their story to educate, encourage, enrich and empower others please let them get in contact with [ MagicalJoey ] or give me their name and I will contact them.

:bulletpink: CollaborativeMinds is looking for more active members.
They are a group which connects collaborators all over DA. They take work that you would like to collaborate on and feature work that is looking for collaboration. Come and give them a looksee.…

Animated Rainbow Heart Divider by Gasara Animated Rainbow Heart Divider by Gasara Animated Rainbow Heart Divider by Gasara

:star::bulletred::star: Evaluations :star::bulletred::star:

Please evaluate each other after a certain period of time. Periods of time to be determined by you, but normally every six weeks or so. Any problems I will be ironing out.
This process will be taken with great care and no 'slandering' will occur. Any issues will be sorted amicably and in an adult fashion with no flaming etc. At most it will mean a change in partner, at least a change in communication.

Name of Image

Super Group

I am now raising funds for our renewal.

:star: Donations :star:

:bulletred: Point donations can be made to MagicalJoey clearly stating that the donation is for this group.
:bulletorange: If you would like to sponsor the group (i.e. donate all 5000 :points: in one go) and have your name at the top of every journal along the lines of 'this feature made possible by <yourdevname>' please don't hesitate.

:star: Other :star:

:bulletred: If you come across a literature contest within the groups you are a member of where points are offered as a prize of any form please inform me so that I may enter to try and earn points.


More admins might be needed.
If you would like to apply fill out the Administrator Application Form
Alternatively check to see if a friend or watcher of yours/person you watch is interested in joining.
Note: The duties of an admin are simply going through the lists of mentors/mentees/buddies and suggesting matches to me [MagicalJoey ] so that I can send out the needed 'letter of matchmaking'. You do not have to contact anybody except me.

Example from a Mentor Form Filled in With Detail:
I have mentored quite a few writers in the past, and my main strategy is to ask a lot of questions and figure out where they are with their writing skills and what next steps they need to take in order to improve quickly.

I mostly focus on improving aspects of storytelling such as plot, characterization, pacing, tension, conflict, etc. I prefer to help writers learn to think more effectively and independently and come to their own conclusions. I encourage them to ask a lot of questions, but instead of immediately providing an answer, I'll help them find it themselves by asking pointed questions and providing resources. I love sharing resources and have accumulated lots of great material for writers of all skill levels that I'm happy to share.

The type of learner I like working with the most is someone who is eager to ask questions and willing to consider other perspectives before arriving at their conclusions. There is not right or wrong way to write, just a way that works for the individual writer. I can't give someone a master plain of exactly what will work for them, but I can definitely help them develop skills and techniques they can apply to their current and future projects.


More Journal Entries

Profiles and Forms

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:bulletred: Fill out the Research Assistant Form - Researcher

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Critique Profile

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for adoption by SaltyHamRamen
By: SaltyHamRamen


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Mention us in a journal, post a poll, leave a link. It takes a few seconds, but it makes a big difference. The more people know about the group, the larger the profile pool for us to match people up from.

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Story Summary: "Long ago, shrouded by the mists of the Dark Age, there lived a clan of druid humans in Ancient Britannia. They practiced their magic and worshiped nature and God in peace. They resided in a province, or Kingdom, called Aerulis and the kings and queens rarely bothered them. The physicians of the druid clan often times had very spiritual connections with God, more so than the rest of the clan, and one day Tairek (the sole physician of the clan at the time of this story) receives a prophecy that foretells of a great white wolf with eyes the color green that will save the druid clan. They are confused because they have never been threatened by anyone or anything, at least not enough to do a remarkable amount of damage. Not long after, a patrol finds a white wolf pup and the clan raises her on goat's milk. One year passes, and everything seems peaceful still until a fire set by the King of Aerulis' soldiers ravages their camp. The whole druid clan is rounded up and for mysterious, unexplained reasons sentenced to death. The white wolf (who is discovered to be part dog) also known as Sascha is able to talk with Tairek using his spiritual connection and he tells her that she must save them, by learning how to fight in an elsewhere place. And with that, starts Sascha's journey to save the druid clan... to save her family."

Like my page on Facebook for updates and in stock status, and to pre-order a copy (you can order a copy anywhere as long as there's a message system to contact me):

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