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Artist Bewares
Design Scammer PSAJust wanted to make a post about a scammer that myself and several others had recently dealt with. It should be obvious but don’t go harassing the person in question (though they’ve deleted/deactivated most of their social media by now so it’d be hard for you to anyway). I am simply making this so that others are aware should they come back and try to scam again.They go/went by luniwko on all the sites we were able to find them active on: Deviantart (deactivated), Fur Affinity (deleted/deactivated), Instagram (last post is from 2020), and YCH Commishes (potentially still active). What they did was sell the same designs to multiple different people. Running an auction on DA, FA, and YCH Commishes but linking none of them, treating them all as separate auctions but for the same design. Below I have archived their DA and FA posts showing that there were people who had purchased the designs previously on DA only for them to continue to sell the design on FA to other unwitting buyers. I’m sharing these both as proof and so you can be familiar with this art style so if you see this art style come up again selling characters then be weary at the least. Archived FA (you should still be able to click through the image links) DA (links might be weird but should still be able to click through them as well) you can't click through on DA then the posts are still up, you just can't get to them through the account but if you have a link you should still be able to click through most of the gallery through the “see more from this artist” section off to the side Commishes I was able to find: confronted about this instead of talking with us they deleted everything and deactivated their accounts. Update: They stole the art too. So add art thief to that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Little Red Rue -Group Mascot-
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Female Hyena Fursuit base by SaberDrift
F2U canine base - MS PAINT FRIENDLY by SaberDrift
F2U Teacup lines by basehoot
Anthro Fox Lines - F2U by milkywhy
Pay to use Lineart
Base for adopt by Agiora
(LINEART IN SAI AND PSD FILE) Cute couple P2U Base by TonyTheClocky
BASE 2 - P2U by kirionek
P2U {Chibi Base} by EmpressOfRoses


Edit: I'm still fairly busy, just a reminder that if your submissions keep expiring to submit them to one of the general folders instead. But please keep our group rules in mind, I've had to remove several fandom adopts and bases from these folders. The submissions to these folders still need to follow the overall group rules, thank you.

Hey everyone. I'm going to be away for quite a bit in June so I made 2 general folders that will auto accept 2 submissions per day to keep them from immediately overflowing. I'll be checking in here and there to delete and move things to the correct folders but I'm just not going to be around enough to accept submissions in any sort of timely fashion (I've been kinda slow already lately). Please please PLEASE keep in mind our group rules on what you can and cannot submit and please remember to remove your closed adopts from the group to keep everything nice and tidy.
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