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:iconadopt-a-blessing: is an adopts-only group!
If you’re looking for/to submit YCH, consider checking out :iconimagine-ych:!
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40,006 Members
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6 Pony Rando Collab (5/6 OPEN) by Frenchie-Frey
[ set price ] Christmas Adoptable Open by NatArtxx
RE-POSTED | #80 ADOPTS - Doggy batch by Cristeladopts
RE-POSTED | #87 ADOPT - Flowery orange by Cristeladopts
Auction Adopts, $OTA, NYP
Pony adopts! by GoldFuror
Bunny Adopt (OPEN) by SigMoreau
Adoptables Open by comielly
OTA, not $
Adopt Batch 3 (1/2 open) by EinarWC
(closed) adopt by ownoes by ownoes
(closed) adopt by ownoes by ownoes
*OPEN* Reindeer Kitty Adopts by AllyKat121
Free to Adopt
Winter Myo Event (open) by XenonsHole
.: CLOSED - Character Purge - FREE :. by xenoscribbles
Custom Design Offerings
Mystery Marks Adopts by MoonChemistry
Doodle gacha . Open by Kiddyxcatz
[OPEN] pony commissions by dnovaa
CUSTOM 2D Model | Auction [OPEN] by shillahush
Other Adopts
|Splatoon Fusion Grid CANON OPEN MULTI OPTION| by Cephalodopts
VTUBER MODEL CHRISTMAS SALE ,It's a Vtuber model Christmas sale! This is just a small part of why we'd like to sell the model for $600 instead of $1500.This model is already a good deal because it comes with so many things. She is an ancient Vtuber with a unique design that was inspired by Anubis, the god of death.,She has a headdress and accessories on the same staff that can be taken off and put back on. Her tail can also be turned on and off. She has five expressions: a love expression, a pout, an animated teary eyed expression, an excited animated expression, and a yandere expression. and this model is already fully rigged, and the rigging is quite good too! ,,,,,,, Even so, this is already a lot. for $600 because it comes with 5 Twitch panels, 12 emotes, 5 arts, 2 animated intro and ending backgrounds, and a PSD file. Also, the model is already set up and ready to go. The Christmas sale begins on December 6 and ends on December 25.,,,This is a Sunflower Vtuber model that costs $500. Unlike the old dog Vtuber, it doesn't come with any other bundles, but it does have three expressions: teary eyes, pouty face, and sad face. The bag can be toggled on and off.This offer is only good for a limited time, and a lot of people have already inquired about this model. If you buy the model, you will have the commercial rights of the model.You can send me a direct message (DM) on social media or slide through my inbox.My Name is Safiya Etoilla I sell vtuber models and I'm a live2d Rigger I've already sold a lot of adoptable ^^ on my booth JellLive2d - BOOTH Twitter: Safiya Etoilla🐕 Live2D Rigger (@Etoillach) / Twitter
rofeal weapons for resale! [open] by Cryoseismic
Bases for Adopts
[P2U] christmas hoodie by kiiuro
[F2U] Line by Ulem
Charmy base pack! by Roachramen
Furry adopt auction [OPEN] by Taruto-Adoptables
[OPEN] 24 hrs Adoptable#61 by RUFYCHh
Adoptable #13 (CLOSED) by benimarunox
(Closed) Adopt Auction #73 by davkemo
Devious Folder
(OPEN SP) Drawtober Day 2 - Pumpkin by VyAdoptables
ADOPT OPEN by Peach1Cat
ADOPTABLE #03 [ OPEN ] by didinag
[OPEN] adoptable Pink Kitty by Lerall
Devious Folder 2
YCH[OPEN] by coltea
Devious Folder 3
Bayou Adopt 1 OBO (OPEN) by LHarris14
Devious Folder 4
Adoptable [OPEN] by Madri22
Devious Folder 5
{OPEN} adoptable auction by siviii
Devious Folder 6
Devious Folder 7
MLP ADOPTS  OPEN 3/3  PACK 17  by ArlekinArts
Devious Folder 8
commission open 50$ by 99sora66
Devious Folder 9
[Set price OPEN] Sexy outfit adopts #127/128/137 by tohi-ta
Devious Folder 10
( OPEN ) ADOPTABLE AUCTION 039 by Xenamarin
Devious Folder 11
[OPEN] Adopt Helluva boss by Kvitysha
Devious Folder 12
HALLOWEEN ADOPTABLE AUCTION | Gothic ghost woman by VMayorr
Devious Folder 13
[OPEN] Adopt Helluva boss by Kvitysha
Devious Folder 14
[OPEN] Adopt Auction #19 by yoyoyocfxfrz
Devious Folder 15
[Limited time sale] OC's bundle 02 by ZakiaZK
Devious Folder 16
Wormy adopt auction (OPEN) by DaddySharkTus
Devious Folder 17
YCH | witch by Hellcatold
Devious Folder 18
(OPEN) Kimetsu Adoptable by deus-hellish24
Devious Folder 19
Chibi Decora kitty adopt! (open) by rinainu
Devious Folder 20


Good day! Welcome to Adopt-a-blessing, where you can buy, sell or adopt characters and designs! Please be polite!!

How do I join?

Just click on the "Join This group" button!

Are there any rules on the submissions?

Don't submit stolen art.
There's no submission limit for day.
Please take the adoptable out of the group when it got sold, so the folders won't fill up.

Someone is stealing my works! What do I do?

Send the group a note and the admin will remove the person's pieces and block them out.
I know it's been a while since the last update, and I apologize for that.
I've reevaluated the maintenance of this server. A new folder has been created which will automatically accept the submission.
Please remove all sold/closed adopts from the gallery to make space for unsold/open adopts. If you'd rather not do that, please update the status of the sale in the deviation title so that I can clean it out.
The other folders will continue to be sorted into for people who'd rather browse through group gallery tab. This may be delayed, but I hope this will be somewhat useful.
- hiyon003
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