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My first upload - a drawing loosely based on Tolkien's sketches (gate of Moria) and tabards, banners and armors of Gondor (from the movie LOTR:ROTK). Of course it refers to the motif of White Tree of Gondor and its "ancestors" (like Telperion).

First drawn by hand, recently vectorized with Inkscape (using Node Tool only).

EDIT: See also "Tree of digital life"
EDIT2: I did a collaboration with izasartshop which includes this design - see "Golden Tree of Valinor leather belt bag".
EDIT3: Here's a cool tattoo based on this design: a tree with an ambigram:
EDIT4: And here's how it works on a cover of a leather notebook by Airth007.
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I would like to use this in a family history book.  I would give you credit for your beautiful drawing.  The book is not for sale, but will be given to relatives and placed in a few genealogy libraries.  Thank you.  JP