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Chapter 5 ~ Best Interests ~
Chapter 5 – Best Interests -
"With me, you will never know reason. I will blind you to everything else and drive you to kill your enemy. What am I? You are Rage"
    Kathryn ran. She had never run so fast in all her life, desperate to keep her feet moving as fast as they could, ignoring the tattered rags of her dress as it caught around her knees and threatened to trip her at any second.
    It only took her twenty minutes to find her way out of the fortress. When Smaug had invaded the Lonely Mountain so many years ago, he'd carved a direct path through the mountain kingdom. Doors had been smashed open, walls had buckled and cracked to fit the monster's great girth. He'd practically made an easy access tunnel. Thror, in his treasure-induced madness, had greedily wanted his precious vault of riches close by his throne. From the doors to the central chamber, it was almost a straight line forwards and upwards past the ancient throne room and through the
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Chapter 4 ~ A Dangerous Game
Chapter 4 – A Dangerous Game –
"No man has seen it, but all men know it. Lighter than air, sharper than any sword. Comes from nothing, but will fell the strongest armies. Of what do I speak? – Hunger"
A week passed in the mountain, and Kathryn was very much regretting her decision.
    Smaug was nothing if not a tyrant; he demanded his every wish and desire be met exactly as he wanted when he asked for it. He made sure that she knew he was the undisputed "King of the Mountain" here. The days were rather simple: in the morning Kathryn would awaken and do her best to occupy herself, mostly by exploring her new… "Living arrangement". She had known that the chamber she was in was massive, but by exploring she realised that it was absolutely enormous! If she didn't know any better, then she would say that the mountain had been hollowed out and this was the result, but despite this massive chamber she knew that there was so much more both above and
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Chapter 3 ~ An Unlikely Arrangement
Chapter 3 – An Unlikely Arrangement
"She wields the broken sword, and separates true kings from tyrants. Of what do I speak? Mercy"
Kathryn slowly came to as the light behind her eyelids vanished for a moment, replaced by darkness. She could hear a thunderous, rhythmic beat, like that of wings, and she could feel air whip her hair abound her face. A squeezing presence encased her body, pinning her arms against her sides, making it slightly difficult to breathe. She tried to move, tried to push against her confines, her eyes still closed as her mind still stayed in the land of slumber. As if in response to her protests, the pressure around her constricted slightly, like the coils of a snake tightening its grip on its victim.
    Panic made her heart flutter. She wanted to snap herself awake, to jump up, shake off the dream, but her head was pounding with pain. Her hair twisted and knotted around some sticky substance at the back of her skull.
    There was
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Heart Of Fire ~ Chapter 2 ~ The Ruined City
Chapter 2 – The Ruined City –
"What has roots that nobody sees; is taller than the tallest trees; up, up, up it goes and yet never grows? A Mountain"
    The city was an utter ruin: buildings lay crushed, forgotten, defiled and broken. Bones and dust laid scattered along every street and in every doorway. Even after all these years, ash still fluttered down through the air, the only remnants to what was once here. Kathryn walked  as silently as she could, pushing her way through the shell of buildings and debris that remained. She coaxed her mule onward, holding the reins as she guided the beast quietly through the wreckage. She tried to make as little sound as possible, as if the faintest whisper could stir the wrath of the beast that lived in the solitary peak above. The mule was a calm animal though, and followed her without question, carrying what little food and possessions they both had.
    Kathryn led them for ages as they wan
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Heart Of Fire ~ Chapter 1 ~ An Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 1 – An Unexpected Visitor –
"People speak through me, yet I do not make a sound. People can sell me, yet I have many clones. I can bring you laughter between breakfast and tea, Yet I can also break your heart easily. I cover the earth like trees of old, Whose leaves can blind and yet enfold. What am I?
- A Book"
    The wind howled and the rain poured down. She sat by the fire, her thoughts lost in the flames: thinking of times long ago and dreams yet to be dreamt. The storm raged outside, and she pulled the shawl tighter around her thin shoulders. She closed her eyes, waiting for sleep to claim her, and with it, the new agony but also the sweet release it would bring. She was so heavy, down to her bones… perhaps this would be…
    She was jolted awake when she heard an awful banging. She leapt in her chair, and spun towards the door of her little cottage. Eyes wide, she tried to still her frantic heart. Cautious, she s
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Merry Christmas by ADONOVAN94 Merry Christmas :iconadonovan94:ADONOVAN94 18 14 Warriors by ADONOVAN94 Warriors :iconadonovan94:ADONOVAN94 4 5


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I Know How To Love You Now
"I made my mistakes, but I wanna learn from 'em. I want what we had back. For good, this time. Now, I know I can't be the perfect man you want, or the kind that stays on the right side of the law all the time. There's parts o' me you can't change, yer gonna have to accept that. But if you do, I'll treat you as good as I can, Grace. You and yer boy, I'll keep ya both safe with everythin' I got. And you'll be stuck with me fer as long as you want me." He trailed off, unsure of what else he could do. "What d'ya say?"

The final chapter for my Rango fanfiction "Old West"…
It's been a long 3 years with this story, and honestly I can't believe this is over. But I could not be more proud of what I've accomplished, or of the readers that have been with me throughout. Thank you all so much! I hope you enjoy this.

The song for this piece and accompanying chapter is "I Know How To Love You" performed by Charles Estern, find it here:…

Rango universe (c) Nickelodeon
Rattlesnake Jake (c) Nickelodeon
Grace Glossy (c) me
Art and Story (c) me
Ready As I'll Ever Be pg1
I know everyone has got something about this song, but in my defence I have been working on this for a while XD

So a little context, this comic takes place in my Ultimate Evil fanfiction-universe, after Drago has obtained all 8 demon-chi powers, but before he has transformed into his Ultimate Form. He is plotting his revenge on the Chan Clan, which has him spiralling further and further down the blood-soaked rabbit-hole. Not to say this will defo happen in the fanfic, but this is the sort of vibe. 

Page 2 - coming soon
Page 3 - coming soon
Page 4 - coming soon
Page 5 - coming soon

Can't wait to hear all your thoughts! I hope you guys are excited for this because I certainly am. I can't wait to show the rest of this in the coming weeks. 

Song, "Ready As I'll Ever Be" (c) Disney, Tangled the TV Series
Jackie Chan Adventures (c) Cartoon Network
Valerie Payne/Artwork (c) me
Gone Batty Non-Disney Contest - 'Under My Power!'
My entry for :iconlilgrimmapple: contest. This time re-enacting a non-Disney film! Basically I couldn't decide on something at first, and then on the film I did pick, I couldn't pick between these two scenes, so I combined them. Although I personally believe that the original All Dogs Go To Heaven is a significantly better film, I couldn't think of how to adapt any of the scenes from that movie to fit the Gone Batty setting. Thankfully, the second film is a lot more adaptable. 

Here's the scene: 
Phoenix, when all of her powers of seduction and control over Goth have failed, and she cannot prevent him from falling in love and help to sway the prophecy, goes to Zotz in the underworld. Carma Zotz reveals he already has a backup plan in place, and while singing to her how "It Feels So Good To Be Bad!" he reveals that the 'gifts' he bestowed to Goth when reviving him have come with a terrible price - "Goth doesn't know it, but he's in my power! He's gonna wish he was never born!" 
Meanwhile, on the surface, Goth and Melody, having spent some time together, begin to realise how they feel for each other, even if they also start to realise how they're never meant to be... "I Will Always Be With You"... they are lean into each other, as if about to kiss, completely unaware that Goth's signature-band has begun to glow menacingly...

Melody (c) :iconlilgrimmapple:
Goth, Zotz, Phoenix, Silverwing (c) Kenneth Opal
Artwork (c) me
Backgrounds (c) All Dogs Go To Heaven & All Dogs Go To Heaven 2
Isolde, the dragon of Albion ~Gargoyles Contest~
I finally finished it! Yay! Boogie!  And I got one of these done on time to enter a contest for this group! Double-Yay! Dance! 

So, this is my entry for the OC contest for the group :icongargoyles-contest: hosted by :iconwhispers-gargoyle:

Meet Isolde (her true name is much longer and far more complicated in dragon-tongue, but she takes the name of Isolde so as to be easier to pronounce for mortals). She is a dragon. A race of magical beings that call themselves the children of Albion, rather than the children of Oberon. Dragons exist outside of the laws of humans, Gargoyles or Fae, being their own people with their own customs and laws. They are exceedingly rare these days, as the magic of the world has dwindled with the rise of technology. 

Now, a little backstory:
Over a thousand years ago, Merlin came to the dragons and had them assist him in forging a magical weapon in their fire - Excalibur. The dragons took an interest in he who pulled sword from stone. they judged his heart and character and found him worthy, and gave him the name "Pendragon", so as to mean 'friend-of-dragons'. Fast-forward to a time long after King Arthur's supposed "death", Merlin once again comes before the last few dragons, and asks of them to help him hide Excalibur, so as to not allow it to fall into the wrong hands. One dragon volunteers to have his body be petrified in stone, and for his heart to hold the sword until the Sleeping-King could claim it once more. (this being the dragon Arthur and Griff defeat in the episode "Pendragon")

That dragon's mate, went on to birth his last youngling after that, and thus, Isolde was born. Isolde was raised on the stories of Arthur, Camelot, and the sacrifice of her father. When Arthur awoke from his petrified sleep, the ripples in the magic echoed across the world, and Isolde heard them. She believed that this was her destiny, to find Arthur and to reawaken the friendships of old. For there was one story her mother always told her, the Arthurian story of the Red dragon that would rise on the side of the Britons to fight and defeat the White dragon of the Saxons, and in that battle destroy all evil. Isolde resolutely believed that she was the red dragon in the story, but was constantly disappointed when her mother would remind her that she wasn't a red, she was a copper. 

Isolde's life was shattered when her father's brother, Vortigern, a silver-white dragon from across the sea, killed her mother and tried to kill her. He'd also heard of Arthur's awakening, and knew of the story, and so sought to stop Isolde before she could find the Once and Future King. Isolde fled and went off in search of Arthur. After many weeks of searching, she found him and Griff on their search for Merlin. Though Griff wasn't too keen on suddenly befriending a dragon not so long after fighting and killing one, he was quickly swayed by Arthur's promises of safety, as well as Isolde's overabundance of enthusiasm. Isolde then swore an oath, to serve and protect Arthur, and to be a self-appointed representative of her people, in an effort to truly unite the lands and people of Albion once more.

And though I totally didn't mean for it to end up this way when I started this project - Griff and Isolde (whom he calls 'Izzy') fall in love OMG MOAR POEMS! OMG! I can't contain my excitement! Horny! 

Hope you guys love this! Please comment and favourite!
Griff, Arthur and Backgrounds (c) GARGOYLES, Disney
Isolde and artwork (c) Me
Ooooooh my gosh! I have wanted to draw this for AGES! This had some earlier versions, some of which I thought were good and others which really weren't. But considering the new techniques I'm learning, I'm really happy with what I managed to accomplish in this picture! 

So this is an accompaniment for chapter 30 of my fanfiction "Gravity" which you can find here:…

Elaine and Garrus all dressed up! I love the whole spy-theme this picture seems to envoke. And Garrus is just waaay to sexy ;) 
Please remember to give me a like and a comment! 
I was tagged by :FateMagician:

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Warning for spoilers to my fanfictions "Heat Of Fire" "Heart Of Ashes" and "Heart Of The Inferno"

1. Kathryn was born in a little village in the province of Enedwaith, to poor and superstitious parents that abused her after she came into her Seer abilities with her first vision: Orcs battling Dwarves outside the gates of Moria. 
2. Kathryn met the great dragon Smaug of the Lonely Mountain in the year TA 2881 of the Third Age, 60 years before the events of "The Hobbit", and some time after fell in love with him.
3. She once held the position of Court Songbird for the King and Queen of Dorwinion 
4. When leaving the Lonely Mountain, Kathryn was gifted with a single scale belonging to Smaug the Magnificent. The scale helps to anchor both his magic on her and focus her own magic should she wish to summon incredible amounts of Raw Magic.
5. Despite her nightmarish visions (or perhaps BECAUSE of them) Kathryn has a keen secret interest in learning History.
6. Due to her abilities as a Seer, Kathryn has the God Irmo (god of dreams and visions) as a patron, and subsequently can travel the "Path of Dreams" if she chooses - It is why she has been targeted to potentially be able to find the Door of Night, and free Morgoth.
7. Currently, Kathryn is around 140 years old (technically) but due to dragon-meddling, she hasn't aged since she was 20
8. Kathryn's favourite food is hot apple pie ;) 

:Whispers-Gargoyle: Audrey!

:Boxjelly1: Captain Treta!


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This girl is Murtagh and Brielle's daughter. I call her Selena, named after her paternal grandmother. I know the ending never stated if Murtagh ever had kids, but personally in my headcanon he has a daughter with Brielle and she becomes a rider. Her dragon is a female named Laverne.

Like I said, after reading about your story made me think of creating her, as your story gave a happy ending to Murtagh.
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