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Good job Craig. Your getting the hang of doing panel to panel work. With Panel 1 try to add more thick black lines where the wood of the tongue and the foot of the tree beast meet. This will help give depth to the creature. Also don't forget to add in the swoosh lines to show where the tongue is swinging from. Hydro Fox's body is well done, and her wings are well done, but if you shrink her body a little bit it will make her look like she's more in the distance. Better perspective with the characters in the foreground.
I really like the 2nd panel good job. If you get a chance to try and practise doing another color instead of the action lines of green with the creature's color also being green. Try like a yellow, orange or red.
3rd panel really good but put the guy more off to the right. keep his elbow away from the girls face. The scene is very nice though.
Good detail with th e Rocks and the Grass. Not sure of the Angle. Maybe curve the cave a bit more or try different thumbnail angles first on a separate page. The wings are nice but it covers a little too much.
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RabidElf Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
First of all thanks for taking the time to write a crit on this. My style has change and (at least by personal thoughts) improved a great deal in the year since I posted this. (It's been probably abut 2 since it was drawn) I see a lot of mistakes in it now that I would change. I am not going to redo the page though, because if I went back to change every page I wasn't satisfied with I'd make even less progress than I do now (Which is to say not much).

Things change and I try to improve a little bit with every drawing I do.
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