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Snatched #3 Previews


Last time in Snatched #2... Gail and Joy's plan to create a matriarchal Utopia, by shrinking men, and all who oppose them, is under threat after they receive unexpected visitors. It's Gail's big sister, Tanya, accompanied by her fiance Paul, to come and join them in their supposed vacation. Little does Tanya and  Paul know, they are unwelcomed. Gail and Joy pretend to be all right with their presence, and in the back of their minds, they begin to scheme a plan to get rid of them. A lot of growing girls and shrinking man action ensues as Gail tries to get rid of our unwanted visitors, by physical, psychological and seductive means. Gail and Joy's plan to create a matriarchal Utopia will not be given up so easily and our unwanted visitor's faith in each other will be put to the test as the third act of Snatched #3 unfolds! 

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includes: shrinking woman to half size, growing woman to amazon, growing woman to mini giantess, girl on girl size humiliation, foreplay and sex with mini giantess, shrinking man to half size, shrinking man to thumb size

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Thanks. I do have a thought or two on the Vicky/little couple scenario, based how you've set it up already. I'll send you a note.

Oh, and it's hilarious that she has them in a doggie bed!
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Another good addition. I usually prefer more of a size disparity, as in the first two installments. Still, it was nicely done. I liked the new characters and plot twists.

Thanks for including some scenes with Vicky and the little couple below decks. I was interested to see how she would reconcile her dedication to the cause, and her feeling a little bad for the little people, and wanting to help them.

AdonioGTS's avatar
Thanks for the encouraging words Rainman1131! The story was supposed to be longer... and the little people Vicky wants to help had a longer storyline... but after reaching 319 images I had to cut the story short. But no worries! More interactions with the little people and Vicky will be included in Snatched #4! Any ideas on where u think the story with Vicky and the little people should go... private message me thru DeviantArt... I'll be glad to consider them.