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Head Swap: The Escape: 000

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Head Swap: The Escape

Lianne is a shy girl, she had always been... One day, an opportunity arose that could open a way to escape the poor inner city life which had always been a burden on her, but this opportunity depended on her sex appeal. At the same time, a sexy world renowned thief, Kathleen Dice, is on the escape from the police, which is actively looking for her. The two people meet and destiny was made, the thief and Lianne changed heads... Thus making the thief's escape possible... No one would ever suspect an innocent young school girl. But where does that leave Lianne? Stuck in a mature sexy body which she doesn't understand... Where will it lead her? A kind of coming of age story, with a twist, a discovering of what being a woman really is.

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Number of Pages: 297

Language: English

Price: $8.00

includes: female to female head swap, age swap, turning into adult, age progression, age regression, status swap, corruption, orgy
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amel1995's avatar

I read the comic and was a bit dissapointed there was only 1 Head Swap, I kinda wished there were more, at least the girls or the guys, maybe with eachother.

hopefully future comics can have multiple Head Swaps or some Male to Female ones.

AdonioGTS's avatar
Sorry 'bout that... Don't know how to swap between male and female yet in Daz Studio.