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As You Are - HnKnA [ Ace x Julius ] by AdokenaiMirai, literature

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As You Are - HnKnA [ Ace x Julius ] by AdokenaiMirai, literature

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Hiya~ For the most part, I’m just called “Mirai,” so I’m just going to keep myself as referred to by that, ‘kay? It was part of the deal I made with the people who are allowing me to use this website, that I never use my IRL name. ^_^; So, you’re welcome to call me Mirai, Mi-chan, Mii, or whatever other variation you can think of.

To be honest, I’m a bit of an Anime/Manga nut. ^_^; Yes, there are a lot of those, I know… but… here’s another one. :’3 I’ll probably be posting my very badly made pictures here, and my fanfics. ^_^; An artist is their own worst critic, I know, but… I’ve always thought the things I write out, or draw out, are poorly made. >.<; I try; I do… but… yeah. >.>; What can you do?

Here’s some basic information about me~

Favorite Hobbies ;; [ Hanging out with my friends, role-playing, writing fanfics, and drawing ]

Favorite Foods ;; [ Oriental things~ Like Stir Fry ]

Thing I’m the Most Afraid Of ;; [ I’d say Spiders… ]

Favorite Series ;; [ 1) Pandora Hearts 2) Code Geass 3) Barajou no Kiss 4) Zombie Loan ]
I'm making this list for the purpose of those who are interested in the names I have/will be using in the future for my Hetalia related projects, as well as the games I'm currently working on with RPG Maker. This are all the names I'll be using for these particular characters&hellip; I have a larger list: It includes the names of their Snapped/Dark forms, and a few special others, but I won't be posting those names until they become relevant, or until asked. :'3 Feel free to tell me your comments on what you think about the names! :'D Feel free, even, to tell me the names you use. I don't mind. But~ This list was made between me and a few of my clo
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Hmm&hellip; I never use this thing. So, I guess this is my first Journal Entry, nah? Interesting. Well, I'll start things short and sweet, then. Those who have been watching me know my stuff ranges quite a bit. I do colorings. I now post the occasional thing I've drawn myself, colored, and whatever else. I'm not strictly working on one series or another, whatever I'm doing is just sort of&hellip; out there. However! I have some projects I'm working on. This projects are starting, mostly, because I now have RPG Maker on my computer. ( Ace, I think it's called. :'3 Too lazy to look~ ) And because of that, you'll notice an influx of my trying to make Heta
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Thank you for watching me~~
No problem at all, dear, I assure you~ <3
Thanks for the fave~!~!
Not a problem~ <3 :'D I myself am trying to make things with RPG maker, for Hetalia... I'm just no good at it. o.o; I seriously fail at it so far. (/laughs) And I can't find sprites for all the characters. o.o; So I'm trying to make some...
I have skype if you wanna add me I love to help. And as for hetalia sprites look here: [link]

Just scroll down till u hit the hetalia section :3
Thank you~ <3 :'D I appreciate it. :'D Also, I might take you up on that. I'm still struggling a little, but I think... it's coming along. :'D I'll make sure to send it to you the moment it's done. :'3 And I'll try not to pester you... /too/ much if I have questions. I don't want to bother you. :'3
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Thanks for the watch~