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For Aston 1.8.1

There is an Icon set, made by me, inside the theme which you can use it with this skin for Aston.
© 2003 - 2021 adni18
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man that cool . thank you .
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My pleasure! :)
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hmm, why does it always say 0bytes... I really want to download this, but its not working ;_;
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It works, it says 0 bytes, but if you click once or twice, as I did 1 minute ago, it downloads a 876 KB file ;)
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Probably a dumb question, but why are the folder inside the ZIP and the Theme in Aston called "The Cell" instead of "Glint," its name here on DA? (Note: First hour in Aston. Still, seems odd.)
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Hmm. Well, it's highly possible that I'm just stupid. ^_^;
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Where did you find this "The Cell"... I see only "Glint" inside the zip file bro... :)
Very nice this is A **********
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Thanx a lot bro :)
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Great work, loved it
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I think it is the best theme made by You.
I love Your mix of Aqua and modern styles.
Good work.

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Thanks Stu! You are very kind :) (Smile)
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Sweet theme Nikos... love the transparency effects. Looks like a monopoly on Aston themes :) (Smile) :) (Smile)

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Thank you very much primaleval :) (Smile)

Thanks a lot Åâãåíîâ, I am glad that you are happy about it :) (Smile)
"I think that Gladiators will be happy about it" - Gladiators are happy now :) (Smile)
Glad to see you again adni! I was a fan of yours at wincustomise and I'm an even bigger fan now at DA!

Good luck to your future works!
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As I commented on the Aston Site, when I was checking them out, and saw you're skin on the site. This is truly lovely--I may have to give this a whirl. Regardless, you work is lovely I really like this. Very pretty.
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Thank you Eugeny :) (Smile) I like your new icon :) (Smile)
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Thanks a lot waylanderdslayer and lostboyz :) (Smile)

Hi genjur0 :) (Smile)
In this page, up and right, there is a link from where you can download Aston.
Click on the D/L [1641kb]
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ack, how do you download aston?
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Great look! Love the WP.

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This is cool. A very clean, neat looking theme! Love the WP
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thanks, Niko !!! very very good !!!
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