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Sheva Alomar RE5 Savage Outfit

Version 1.0 (11 Jan 2013).

XPS > 10.8.5 version
Skydrive: Fallen
Mediafire: Fallen
Mega: Fallen
Yandex: Lost Account, waiting for customer services reply.

XPS < 10.8.5 version
Not ready.

(If any link is broken, please, don't hesistate in say me, noting to me or posting in this same deviant).


While I was porting this mod, it unvoidable evokes me the Pocahontas's song... once and again and again... º_º She is Sheva, not a savage!, but the colors in the wind continue attacking when I see her in that outfit. @.@

Sheva Alomar is a character of the saga: Resident Evil, property of Capcom.

Extracted and Ported by: Adngel

Elcheon's ArcTool
3ds Max 2011
XPS 10.9.3
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all links broken :(

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Looks like the ORG is bye bye. Here is a solid DL for Sheva Tribal XPS, dudes and dudettes!

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Is this link for MMD or XNA? Thanks in advance!

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XNALara.... not sure if you know but anytime you see "XPS", thaz for XNALara.

ilovemynikon's avatar

Thanks for the heads up! I'm still new to this, lol! Much appreciated!

In case you were still confused this is not for xps. It was originally, but this file was converted and reuploaded for mmd. There is no xps file

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Noticed it now too, sucks. You happen to have a xnalara version of that model?

I don't unfortunately, sorry

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I been there bro... or sis! :)

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Them heels are neither savage nor tribal; nothing against you/tha deviator though!
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This Outfit called Tribal, not Savage and i have Resident Evil 5 - Gold Edition and Beated it and unlocked it all
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Well, the name that I gave it, was not for anything special, more personal perception, however, I think it's a good idea place that word between the tags, so maybe it could be founded more easily if people search this costume with the word "tribal". Thank you.
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so is this okey to ask you for your "Permission "! to ( "Mod her and use her for my "PhotoManiuplation Work "!?) :o (Eek) Confused ;) (Wink) Sweating a little... Giggle 
Adngel's avatar
Sure, feel free tu use her for your projects.
CyberBrian360's avatar
thank you !
;) (Wink) Sweating a little... Hug Giggle 
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I cant get this oufit on RE5
xo-BAHAMUT-ox's avatar
you're definitely the resident evil master porter.. ;) good job..
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