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Sheva Alomar RE5 BSAA Agent Basis Gear

Version 1.0 (11 Jan 2013).

XPS > 10.8.5 version
Skydrive: Sheva_RE5_BSAA_NoGear_by_adngel)…
Mediafire: Fallen.

XPS < 10.8.5 version
Not ready.

(If any link is broken, please, don't hesistate in say me, noting to me or posting in this same deviant).


Sheva Alomar with her standard outfit, again, bones extracted from the PC version but rename to a more friendly use. With Sheva I've also change her hair textures (eyes are original). In this mod I left those original textures in the package, they 're not used in the model, are just there in case you also want modify them for anything. They have the sufix "-orig".

Sheva Alomar is a character of the saga: Resident Evil, property of Capcom.

Extracted and Ported by: Adngel

Elcheon's ArcTool
3ds Max 2011
XPS 10.9.3
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© 2013 - 2021 Adngel
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que rica que esta sheva Alomar es mi cuarto amor platonico"

nice work! but link death of sheva no-gear
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Fantastic work =)
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Truly beautiful, great work! :love:
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She really awesome and thank you for sharing. Yet it seems the link is broken because it take me to the No Gear version.
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Ohm, well actually it looks like that the link is ok, what is wrong is my head that I have called the file with "no gear" instead of "basic gear". I don't know whay I did it. @_@

Thank you for say it, I really didn't notice. When I upload the real Sheva "no gear version" I'll fix this one too. (at the moment I'm with RE6 Chris dirties versions).
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Oh ok and no worries its a honest mistake.

Your welcome and ah ok. Honestly there is no rush at all, just take your time.
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Hey you know where i could download this XPS at? For the latest version of it...i looked thru the site to find a DL...but all these dang links to nowhere...:wtf:. Cus i wanted to use this mod...but i don't have a good XPS to use it i thought i would ask if you knew...big thanks if can help out...:giggle:.
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Hi ILuvLara :3

I look for the XPS downloads in the journal of this group: [link]

With each version release, they add a new journal explaining the new features, and at the end of them, they put the links to the program.

This is the direct link to the skydrive: [link]

I've got the XPS 10.9.3 but there is a new version, the 10.9.4, I 've not tested it yet but it should work also I suposse.
LaraWearsCatsuits's avatar
:wow:....:iconwoohooplz:....:iconlaexplodeplz:....thanks so much pal....and even more awe-some-sauce for the models too. I happen to save a few pic of them like the Sheva ones so far...i'll be back to get a few more to save too to use soon.

Your epic bro....:iconcool-smileplz:.
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Do you know where I can have the download of Josh Stone and Jill Valentine from RE5? Sharon_14 has deleted her account and now, I can't find the models.... :/
Adngel's avatar
Yeah I saw it. Josh Stone is ready, I just have to make the pic and upload to mediafire, it's just that I wanted upload with Ricardo Irving, for that I didn't do it yet, but maybe for this afternoon I can.

RE5 Jill, here is one by DarkOsama: [link]

I'll also upload the four RE5 Jills, but it will take me a time yet. (I'm focus in other charas at the moment).
ladykobra's avatar
It's not the model of Jill that I search that you sent me. I search the model (B.S.A.A) with blue clothes. :/
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Please do Sheva Plain.
ProtocolX27's avatar
Nice to see some Sheva models again! Good work.
Evanime's avatar
Awesome! I knew you would port her and her other outfits. Thank you!
Adngel's avatar
Yeah, for the database XD, There still miss the Armors versions, but I will leave them for other moment, now that I've got Sheva, I can continue with my fan fic :D
MayaRokuaya's avatar
Nice!! Thx for sharing!
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