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Dante Sparda Fan Mod Nude

Version 1.0. (29 October 2014)
Mediafire: Fallen.

(If any link is broken, please, don't hesistate in say me, noting to me or posting in this same deviant).


Dante. Only a single Dante. ;p

Included there are 2 mesh-mods, one without genitals, and other with genitals and chest customized to have nipples.

The body is not exactly the same of the intro cinematic, but I think it's fine too.

Dante is a character of Devil May Cry game (2012), property of Capcom.

Ported by Adngel.
Facial rigging by Adngel.
Genitals texture by xhildegardvonkronex modified by Adngel

umodel by Konstantin Nosov
3dsmax 2011
Photoshop Cs6
Mariokart64n's script Xnalaraconverter
Image details
Image size
1024x1024px 248.71 KB
© 2014 - 2021 Adngel
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hwoarang93's avatar
thank you thank you! :D
Is there some other way I can get a copy of this since the links do not work?
how add this skin to dmc pls tell me i cant find xnalara folder
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Hello giorgigaara.

I'm afraid that this is not a mod for the game, but a mod for the XPS, (Xnalara Posing Studio), is a program to make 3d poses. I don't know if there are mods for DmC or how to install them. O.ò
yes u can with texmod can u make .tpf files 
BlockBusterXIII's avatar
SFM model? because this sure is hell not a garry's mod model.
Adngel's avatar
Hello BlockBuster.

Not, this is a mod for XNALara Posing Studio (XPS) another free posing program, with a more weak ilumination system but very simple to port in / extract out, what people uses to pose there and render in 3ds max, Blender, Maya, etc...
cornchips238's avatar
Wow, I'm glad this exists! Btw, could you possibly make a nude mod of the classic dante skin (it's dlc)?
Adngel's avatar
Well, I don't see me working on it on any near time. O_ò (Focused on other things).
hwoarang93's avatar
Thank you :D Finally a model that actually work properly. ^^
Glisp's avatar
Any chance you could do a nude model for kat? I mean, I know she doesn't have one in the game files, just curious.
Adngel's avatar
I don't think I make her.
1 On a side, I haven't got a lot of interest on DmC, here Dante was a result of a prize.

2 And I neither have got a good nude female body that I were happy with it yet.
- There is the DAZ female model that looks very well, but I haven't got DAZ, and the partners who upload it, used to quit it for the copyright concerns and the community warnings. Also, I don't know how to use DAZ program so I still don't know how to adapt that body to get similar proportions than the model to imitate.
- The Lara's body I don't like it (it has like comic proportions and low quality).
- The DOA girls body, I neither got to use to them, again the proportions looks to be a bit odd and I couldn't manage to modify well,.
- Ada's nude body and Sherry's nude body of RE6, are fine as mesh-mod base, but they lacks of quality.

So I don't see a lot of chances of a nude Kat arrives by me. O.ò
IsmaelUchihaSan's avatar
hay una esena del juego al principio donde Dante esta desnudo, el modelo esta extraido de ahi?
Adngel's avatar
Ese modelo desnudo de Dante también se podía sacar, pero no estaba rigeado, así que solo usé las piernas, este torso, es el que lleva Dante durante el juego bajo la camiseta, (no le borraron los polígonos), el modelo del torso, no es exactamente igual al modelo desnudo, el desnudo tenía un poco más de tripa por ejemplo, pero el hecho de que este torso ya estuviera rigeado, me pareció más interesante que unas diferencias banales.
IsmaelUchihaSan's avatar
que es eso de rigeado? explicame cual es la diferencia de un cuero que este rigeado y otro que no lo este, ah otra curiosidad, en la esena del juego donde Dante esta desnudo tiene genitales o no? o.O
Adngel's avatar
¡El gran misterio de la escena! que aún con todo el movimieno, saltos y giros de cámara, en ningún momento se llega a ver el creador de mini-Dantes. Pues la verdad es que no, el modelo del juego no tiene genitales, ya que no podrían mostrarlos, no valía la pena que los artistas gastasen su tiempo recreándolos.

El rigeado es una jerga un poco de internet, viene de la palabra inglesa rigging, es el proceso en el que se crea un esqueleto de pivótes para después, enlazar los vértices del modelo (estático), con dichos huesos. Así, cuando se muevan los huesos, se moverán también los vértices del modelo, permitiéndoles posar o recrear animaciones.

El modelo desnudo de Dante, no tenía este esqueleto, era estático, sin poder moverse, podría haberlo rigeado yo, pero es una tarea laboriosa, y teniendo una alternativa, pues opté por ella.
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HomunculusMaster's avatar
Thank you and sorry. :)
It doesnt work in my xnalara :(...
Adngel's avatar
Hello Idgafos.

Maybe it could be for your XNALara version? When you are using XPS, there are 2 windows, one with the controls and other with the 3d scene, this second one, on its top bar, you should be able to see which version of XNALara you're using. Notice that the 9.7.8 is a version from 2010. After it there has been a lot of updates, (the last one is the "Countdown preview" update, you can find it for example here:

  XPS - Countdown PreviewLovely image done by Jay-Kennedy :hug:
XnaPosingStudio  is a "XNA Model Viewer" and 3D posing software based on (and compatible to) XNALara, for any 3D character. With a rather rudimentary way to make a keyframe animation. Free of charge.
There a few thousand different posable character for XNALara/XPS ... free available.
How to download and how to install:
Hey dear watchers,
Here's a new XPS Countdown version! And this time it is a special one! Today is XNALara/ XPS 5th birthday!
5 years ago Dusan :icondusanpavlicek: started this amazing project and gave us all the sweet posing program we enjoy! With the help of :iconxnaaral:, :iconzcochrane: and recently :icond1m0s: it is still being updated with new features!
The really new feature by D1m0s is explained below under 1.!
- Yepp we thought it'd be kinda fun to have a few small versions before XPS 11!

Please, note that all the mods made previous the version 10.8.5, works in the old and new versions, however, mods maded after the version 10.8.5, (after 2010), They may work or may don't work on the previous old versions. (the usual is that the won't work, but there has been exceptions). So update a version higher 10.8.5 is mandatory for them.
RandomRangerBlue's avatar
Have you done any Jake and Vergil ones of these?
Lobiply's avatar
Ooooh yeaah~ Pezones~ -se frota las manitas- (?)
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