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Chris Redfield RE5 Lost in Nightmares

By Adngel
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Version 1.0 (01 Jan 2013).

Skydrive: Chris_RE5_LiN_Modified_by_adngel)…
Mediafire: Fallen.

(If any link is broken, please, don't hesistate in say me, noting to me or posting in this same deviant).


Yesterday I was playing to Lost in Nightmare, I still enjoy the chemistry between Chris and Jill :D. <- Valenfield fan.

This one is also modified, (darker hair and RE6's eyes).

Things to do...
Nothing else for the moment.

Chris Redfield is a character of the saga: Resident Evil, property of Capcom.

Extracted and Ported by Adngel
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porque pusiste los ojos de RE6 y no los de el RE5 que son los origiales  de este modelo?
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En RE5, existen varias cabezas para los modelos, la que tiene más detalle, es la que se usa en las cinemáticas, y luego están las que se usan durante el juego (que hay varias versiones, cada una con distinta calidad, para que el modelo consuma menos recursos cuando esté lejos de la cámara).

Esta colección de Chrises y Shevas de RE5, los tomé cuando estaba empezando, así pues no sabía dónde estaba la cabeza de las cinemáticas, por ello, estos modelos usan las cabezas de mayor calidad que hay durante el gameplay. Esas cabezas, no tenían los dientes bien definidos, y la textura de los ojos era de menor calidad, (más pequeña e incluida en la textura de la cabeza).

Puesto que la textura en sí, es idéntica a la de RE6, opté por modificar el UV map para que la textura de los ojos fuese a parte. Además, así la gente puede cambiarle la textura de los ojos más fácilmente al estar en una textura a parte.
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How do I fix the god dang elbows?! Dx You see, I've only done 3 deviations before and I'm kind-of an idiot... ^-^
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What you mean with fix them? O.ò (I don't understand "god dang elbows" I'm spanish, sorry >.<)

I know that there are 2 bones in the elbows so it's a bit difficult click on them directly from the 3d window, therefore, to rotate them, you can choose them in the bones list, the elbows are in:

arm -> left/right -> elbow

That's to rotate the arm, there are other bones to fix the blend in the elbows.

arm -> left/right -> fix -> elbow

Fix bones don't rotate members, just move small parts to avoid unnatural blends.
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Oh okay, thanks. I only saw the fix bones when I hovered over with the mouse. :P I'll check the bones list next time, thanks!
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This has to be my fav version of Chris
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China Sherry BIRKIN next?
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About Asia Sherry, no idea yet Q.Q I'm going to continue with some RE6 characters but as the most of them've been already release, I want go more careful. O.ò
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oh so you cant just post models that are already release? you have this deal or sumthing?........... the Asia Sherry that is out now has alot of bugs I think it's not even finished
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Yes, I can, I just say that, even with some mistakes, there was a person who dedicated his time and work to try do that model, I feel as I should respect it, for example, trying use his partial rig and fix it instead do a independent one and give credits to both. Or fix it and leave him to upload her in his gallery. Anyway, I like Sherry and after Leon I also want do her (and fix the mine), but I'm not gonna say you "for this weekend" because I don't really know it yet. :(
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I'm a big Jill fan too
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Valenfield rules!
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Una foto en la que no lo estropeo!! XD Estoy mejorando :p

En fin, hicieron un modelo muy chulo los japos estos :]
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XD, no lo estropeaste en ninguna foto.
ohh siii :drool:
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Tight hug for you Adngel <<33
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