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Chris Redfield Fan Mod: Revelation Swimsuit

By Adngel
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Version 1.0 (17 June 2013).

XPS > 10.8.5
Skydrive: Erased.
Mediafire: Fallen.

(If any link is broken, please, don't hesistate in say me, noting to me or posting in this same deviant).


Ok, this is my attempt to do a playable mod for Resident Evil Revelations, an attempt which fall in fail Q.Q, So I released the package and opened a request topic here:…
If anyone knows how to finish it and port it in RE: Rev, I would be really glad if he helps finishing this mod :iconadorableplz:

Away of that, there wasn't any inconvenient to port is also on XPS, so here it is :3

As the model was planned for RE:Rev, it also has its bone schedule, that means, no toes bones, nor fixing bones for articulations. In addition, I think I made a total fuss rigging the bulge, My goal was it weren't static, but I think now it blend very odd, maybe ingame it work better, O.ò, for that I didn't touch it anymore.

But there is other thing which I'm very glad with this mod, are his shoulders, after watch several RE6 rigs, I saw how theis shoulders were rigged, so I wanted simulate it, and I'm very happy with the result :3 (Shoulder 1).

And nothing else, I wish you enjoy the mod for XPS!! :D

Chris Redfield is a character of the Saga Resident Evil, property of Capcom.

Model composition by: Adngel.

Chris's head - Extracted from Resident Evil Revelations with Maliweii script. (Sailor costume head), modified by Adngel merging the top head, extracted also from RE: Rev, (Water Mission costume head). Hair extracted from Resident Evil 5 Chris model. Rigging of the head, is the original extracted by the Maliweii's script.

Body - Basic body by Evil Ash, mesh and texture modified by Adngel.

Accesories - Extracted from Resident Evil Revelations, (Chris Water mission costume, Chris Snow mission costume and Rachael's oxygen tank).

- Sectus's ARC tools.
- 3ds max Studio 2011.
- Maliweii's script modified by Mariokart64n.
- Photoshop CS4.
- MarioKart64n's Xnalaraconverter script.
- XPS 10.9.4.
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© 2013 - 2020 Adngel
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ESE me enlace LLEVa y despues a google, me podrias ayudar?
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Hola Ignacio.

En enlace de Mega me sigue funcionando, no sé porque te manda a google, pero bueno, lo he subido a Yandex también, confio en qué dará menos problemas ahí:
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I would love to have this mod replacing the Snow outfit on Revelations. Is it possible?
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I couldn't, I was replacing the Sailor Chris, but in the process, there were a lot of vertices that broke during the gameplay that I didn't knew to fix, that's why haven't released him like a RE: Rev mod yet that was my first goal withi this model. O_ò
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Can we play with this mod?
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These are not mods for the game, they are mods for XPS (XnaLara Posing Studio), it's a posing program.

You can find more about the XPS in this group: :iconxnalaraitalia:
You can see more pictures made with XPS in this group: :iconxnalaracustomizedart:
You can find more mods for XPS in this group: :iconxnalara-customized:

But if what you're interested are on in-game mods, you can find them on these forums:

-… (Forum closed, only is possible to read it).
- (In Spanish).
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Ouhh.. you are using 3D Max to mesh-mod... ? Really? Is there any... way you'd .. or better: Tipps you'd give someone who wants to start mesh-modding, and has 3D Max?
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Hello Mikusan.

Someday I should do tutorials, but lazy me I haven't done them yet @_@

If you want do mesh-mods with 3ds max. I think the first you should try is to import/export things from 3ds max into XPS. The mario xnalara converter is the key, you can find it in this 1st post:

To make it work, just drag that onto the 3dsmax desktop, a short menu will appear to import/export,

You can try import some XPS models (it don't work with all, if you find a problem with anyone, don't get stuck, try another, those issues can be solved in some cases, but better let that for a future).

Once you have import a model, you can practice modifying it, you can select any piece of the model (you will see there are several objects on the scene, meshses, bones, etc). To import, maybe this images can help you:

Note that these images were done of a model without bones, in XPS if you strech the ponytail in that way, it will blend with problems if you don't fix the bones, but the issue is that to modify meshes, those are mainly the tools. 

In the Modifiers panel, "edit mesh" you can select vertices or faces, and you can modify them, create them, and more things.

Don't be afraid to try several buttons that are there in that Edit mesh, Extrued, Weld, Smooth, or if you want try more modifiers (if something looks wrong, just need Unmade with Ctrl+Z). 

Are a couple of tasks where you could start.

And about tips... Don't be scared for the fussy interface, just take your time to read and press buttons to see what they do, don't be afraid to experiment.
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I see... !! Thank you so so much for answering my question, Adngel. :la:
I'll make sure to experiment and try around. Learn by doing is, after all, a general good advise, right?

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It may looks a shaby and lazy advice XD, but I think it's more fun and fast learn some functions experimenting, instead that describing the proccess on paragraphs.  O.ò
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Yeah you're probably right. And worst comes worst, there's always a few youtube videos who might help! Exporting non-physical things isn't so hard. But actually mesh-modding is a whole other level x_x
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OMG that's so great :D (y) , but can someone please explain me how to install it because I'm not use to do this and I don't understand how to do :/
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Hello Tornado.

This is a mod for XnaLara Posing Studio (XPS). To install it, just copy the folder into the folder with the name "data", and it will be ready.

In adittion, I was doing also this model as a mod for RE: Revelations, but it's unfinished (it had some bugs which I cannot manage to fix so I have not released him yet O.ò).
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con este modelo me matas *W* :iconnosebleedingplz: :iconnosebleedingplz: :iconnosebleedingplz:
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Madredelamorhermoso *se desangra*
Graciass a este grandioso aporte fanservice para la comunidad gamer, te adoramos :heart: xD
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So handsome and sexy!
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oh, his bulge ... me likey
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