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Hello there my friend i have another artwork that i've done a view month ago from warmachine © Privateer Press 2006, illustrated done in PS2

Outline & Painting by : Me

critique welcome every body
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© 2007 - 2021 AdmiraWijaya
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great steampunk feel to this!
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Thumbs up!... :D
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My GOD this should be the Destroyer dude!!! Its fucking epic!!
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your nice job, man!!!! congratulations!!!!
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I own the model of one of those. He earned himself the nickname "Monsieur Wutz"
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I can say I would love a wallpaper with this beast! :D Nice job mate!
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Really like the design. Good color.Good lighting.
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A nutbolted locomotive of destruction. I like him.

I mistook his handheld weapon as a part of his body at first, so I couldn't make sense of the placement of his right hand.
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Fantastic and colorfull machine!;-)
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omg this is awesome!!
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So cool. Great artwork.
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ermmm..i don't know where should i comment on that me it look wonderful..
You friend bring great pride to Khador
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i just gotta say: F*ck critique! This is sheer awesome!
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Awesome lighting !!
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i made a real life oilpainting remake of your picture that can be found here: [link]

i hope you dont mind...

but if you do and wont me to remove it then just tell me =)
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