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Red Riding Hood

The theme this time is near with snow..Red Riding Hood,i just make it little bit twisty with approach to a bit Horror..but i hope you guys likes my work this time...Cheers
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See, this is how fantasy artists should handle characters with bared skin. She may be a little thin in the torso and arms but has legs that look like they can actually support her, she may have a bared chest but it isn't necessarily to titillate (looks more like a shirt that's fallen half open than fantasy lingerie) or even what draws the eye at first, and her stance isn't just a pinup pose.
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This is so awesome, oh my gosh!
very good job and awesome concept
Love the red cape against the stark white!
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She ain't helpless dddaaayyyuuummmmnnn
And Red Hood grew up to be a 10th level Ranger. The End. Heh. Beautiful piece.
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Dang!!! This is obviously no helpless little girl! Deadpool icon  SUPER BAD @$$!!!
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pathetic and worst shit even seen...wolves kill easy stupid bitch in red
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I'm in love. I see the red riding hood I've always imagined.
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She looks like an Assassin. I mean the Assassins in a video game calls Assassin's Creed.
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This is fabulous - like a beautiful card from Wizards of the Coast!
red riding hood: the wolf hunter... that would be a good movie...
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are you kidding ? movie when stupin hiuman bitch kill wolves ?worst idea ever...
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Well, there was already a film about Hansel and Gretel hunting witches. And I heard that it actually worked.
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scene when girl kill wolves are pathetic...drawing shit with killing wolves scaene are pathetic in real life that stupid bitch would be torn to pieces
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Well, maybe you're right, but I guess it depends on her weapon of choice. With a knife, she would be finished, but with a gun she might have a chance.
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but still killing wolves are bad 
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I agree. No wild animal deserves to be hunted by humans.
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humans deservers to be hunted
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nice twist! great color contrast.
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this peice of art was so eccentric i just had to favorite it because it showed the horror and the perfect amount of graze. good job :) 
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