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hooo...aaaahhh... so tired,but i've done it after all...need lil bit patience to do it..alot of hour i spent..but doesn't have much time to sleep..hooooooaaahh...oke then please enjoy every body
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superb banget!!!
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great work thanks for sharing
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Awesome dude, reminds me of StarWars.
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omg this is outstandingly sick!(in the posivite way of course^^)
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Wow..awesome..btw, what software are you using?
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PhotoShop CS 2,bro
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wah super robotic scene... hahahahha... saya memahami perasaan dan kelelahan anda om... hahahhahaha... bikin gambar robot emang menguras semua energi... :) awesome-lah...
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wOW! semua tergarap! pencahayaan, tekstur, komposisi dan seabreg efek lainnya....

ada niat untuk oplod lineartnya? atau semuanya dijital?

well done sir...
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semua digital bro
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oh waw trims...untuk keteranganmu.....
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:blush: Sorry haven't been on here in a while...been busy getting video games done for christmas and all :) But thankfully we are ramping down so I can get back on here again! :w00t: And I gotta say :omg: this is absolutely amazing work!!! The color, the lighting, the blur effects look stunning...this is an instant fav and I'm glad this is the first piece of artwork I saw! :faint:
AdmiraWijaya's avatar realy ...thank you so much
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wohoo, like the mech :p
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great work u did on this. lighting and the concepts really kool.
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Simply incredible work on this one man! I had to fave.
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ahh..thank you so much for the fave bro..mean's alot to me
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it just coulnn't be done any much better trust me. God
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whoaahh..thank you so much bro
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That is just awesome! :)
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weleh2 speechless g liatnya... :faint:
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tombol donlodnya ilang~ Oo
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