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Four Horsemen

It was my cover Job from Four Horsemen Studio,the studio who make toys..and this the cover test i did
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I love this toy line...amazing art. Lush colours and render. Very very nice

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Love the Mythos of the Four Horsemen, and this is a great interpretation 
I like how there is a fusion between the 4 Horsemen of the Book of Revelation and other folklore.  It's also a good piece in its own right.
wow ! this is awsome ! I ll be watching you !
This is awesome! But, who's who?
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kerennnnnnnnn,.. ga ada obatnya!
fantastic artwork
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awesome work!!!!!!!!!
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fantastic work!!!!
Looks like gods! Awesome!
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Great pic! Interesting take on the Horsemen.
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What did they think of this piece :?

I think it looks great :icongrin--plz:
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Looks super cool! I'd totally buy the action figures.
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These character designs are TOUGH and EPIC, such an open mind for detail you have. I would have loved to see them in action.
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Yes... Their attitudes and appearance definitely say "end of days".
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I love this pict.
^ ^
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the elephant looks amazing
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