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Sarah: Taichi wallpaper 1024

This is a bit of techniques practice for creating promotional images for Zeropoint. The character is Sarah, during her morning Tai Chi routine.

As far as research goes, myself and Robert skimmed online images of Tai Chi katas until we came across a pose we liked. (Or actually, I liked it, he just agreed when I showed it to him.)

Then I fought with Daz Studio's Aiko model until I got it as close to the pose as I could get.

Then came the oversketch. I spent four hours on it, saved it... then opened it the next morning to discover it jacked up on saving and lost my sketch overlay, so I had to redo it and lost a hairstyle from it. But I got a good remake done. Next time I do the sketches, I'll do it on about three times the screen dimensions, since it came out okay, but the fine details are pixelated.

I persued the same shading technique as the armarine wallpaper and got what I wanted.

Then came the background.
I wanted to add some effects. For those I had to run to simplicitybc2000 and ask how the glow on stuff was executed since every time I ever attempted to do a glow, I screwed it up. After being told the photoshop command, I hunted down online what that translated to in PSP 8. Turns out, it's drop shadow with a bright color. Go figure.

As for the color choice, I went with a pink/purple motif to match Sarah's proposed eye color. (Purple.) I gave her practice Gi a bit of stylization, a pinkish tint, and put lightning all over it to reprisent her 'striking' personality.


EDIT: Sent to scraps since I have an invariably better version of this image done and up.
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