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Fortnum P1b Armour Personnel Carrier



Fortnum P1b Armoured Personnel Carrier

As lessons learned from previous conflicts, Arcandian Commanders became increasingly aware that the armies that could deliver troops into battle unscathed would be the ones that succeeded. In response to this change in tactics, the Ministry of War turned back to Fortnum to solve their dilemma; resulting in the P1 Armoured Personnel Carrier.

Whilst not being the most heavily armoured vehicle on the battlefield [not to mention completely unarmed], the P1 served galiantly in its first combat début in early 1948; where several hundred soldiers were successfully transferred across streets of Grace Anwood whilst under heavy fire from small arms and anti-tank weapons. None of the soldiers were injured when deployed and they successfully suppressed the armed uprising.

Following the success of Arcand Locomotive Companies Mk.Ib Rapier update, Fortnum acquired the rights to trial ALC's turret on the P1. Following successful trials, the P1b was put into production; proving itself to be a resounded success on the battlefield. The P1b also featured an engine upgrade, increasing the Horse Power from 250 to 280; to counter the increased weight and [ironically] increasing the speed of the vehicle, despite being heavier than the original.

The image depicts the P1b in a classic Arcand paint scheme, Arcand Roundel on the fuselage and the Arcand flag on the side-skirt.

Fortnum P1b Mk.I Specs:

Weight: 16 metric tonnes
Length: 5.86 m (19 ft 2 in)
Width: 3.00 m (9 ft 10 in)
Height: 3.34 m (10 ft 11 in)
Crew: 4 + 8/10
Armour: 60 mm Turret, 30 mm Hull [ Rolled Homogeneous Steel ]

Main Armament: 40 mm Light Anti-Tank Gun
Secondary Armament: Coaxial 7.5 mm Light Machine Gun
Engine: 280 hp
Power/weight: 17.50 hp/t
Suspension: Christie
Fuel capacity: 500 litres
Operational Range: 340 km (211 mi)
Speed: 55 km/h (34 mph)

Credit to ~SixthCircle for the Chassis.
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it looks like a tractor with a Matilda turret but because no one has commented or liked your pic ill give you a Fav.