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Samus's 32nd Anniversary Special
Around 12 at midnight, Pit and Samus still shared the bedroom that they were sleeping in for the past several days during the latter's visit to Skyworld.  Pit, however, was not asleep.  There was something that had been on his mind for a while.  With today being August 6th, he realized it was a special day.  Pit had chosen to sleep on the floor since he insisted on giving Samus the bed to help her feel comfortable. He got up from his makeshift bed on the floor and quietly exited the room, trying his best not to wake up his friend in the process.
Succeeding in leaving the room without waking her up, he quietly snuck around the temple, making his way towards the kitchen hall, trying to think of a way to start his plan to surprise Samus as soon as she woke up in the morning.
Pit called many Centurions over to the kitchen hall so he could get started with his secret plan. With at least 20 Centurions in the hall with him (about half of them were Strongarms, and only two
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Reunion: A Pit/Samus Story
Pit had always been a great friend to the famous bounty hunter widely known as Samus Aran. What made him sad from time to time was the fact that she was always being called to go on many dangerous missions in space. He would usually never hear from her for long periods of time. The countless hours of waiting made him worry about her well-being.
 It was only earlier today that he received a message from Samus. On the behalf that Pit could not read yet (at least not to her current knowledge—the truth was Pit had been recently learning how to read in secret so he could surprise her the next time they meet up), she’d improvised and left him a video message on his personal fountain.
 The video message started with Samus appearing her Power Suit, minus the helmet.  
 "Hey, Pit. It's been a while, hasn't it?” she began. “I'm doing okay if you were wondering, so you don't have to worry.” She paused, then grinned. “I also have some more go
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Yea I'm still alive, but I really don't know what much to do.

The Smash Direct from before?  Sure, sign me up for wanting to try out Incineroar, though I'll be confident about Pit the most, for looking so good and improved.

I guess I'm still thinking about the same things that I often talk about, though the thing with "Spirits" is slowly helping me improve my creativity after seeing some character/spirit character combinations.  I might have to think about inspiring with some of those creative ideas in a way sometime... if I can that is.
"Fear not fellow members and citizens.  Because I am here!"

I'm now imagining Pit saying something like that in one of his rally cries.

If it's not obvious enough, I've gotten into My Hero Academia a lot, and partially thinking about Pit (and maybe Samus too) in a crossover with it somehow.
And before anyone asks who my favorite characters are, it's Deku, Ochaco, All Might, and as of recently, Tokoyami, and I have warmed up to some other characters too.
(Also I'm really enjoying the opening songs, mainly opening 3 and 1.)
Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one (well, one of the few anyways) who dislikes this... "Bowsette" trend or whatever.  Granted, the art that I've encountered, plenty of it is great with nice quality, but the trend itself is just... not for me.  As one who likes Bowser and was one of my childhood characters, seeing this Bowsette thing just bothers me.

And I still think it should be called Peacher, for technically Peachette = Peach (character to be) + Toadette (character who transforms), and Bowsette implies Toadette becomes Bowser, in which such an item that turns one into Bowser does not exist whereas the original item actually transforms one (well Toadette specifically) into Peach does.  
And yes, I've seen the comic that started it, where Bowser uses that powerup and becomes Peach in a way, and thus should be called Peacher, right?

But again, sorry for the rant, but it's just one of those things where something builds up fairly quick and needing to express my feelings in a way is necessary rather than just hold in stress.
I wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes (even to those who are late).  Admittedly the day was kinda boring and normal, but aside from upcoming money as a gift and a few points here, I want to showcase the adorable art gift I received from :iconcritterz11:.
Cupcakes Everywhere by Critterz11

A special thanks to you!
Anyways, my plan in due time is getting a Switch for Monster Hunter, and eventually the new Smash, but that's really it for now.
Here it be!  Be sure to follow the rules before entering, but you knew that already.

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Cheers for fellow Pit!
I'd have Samus save him for multiple reasons  Poor angel's too sweet and precious after all.
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