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Michael Jackson detail .psd

Detail of Michael Jackson .psd file

I've uploaded this version for those who wanted the best quality, full-sized image to download. If you're looking for something that's easier to view (the. jpg file), please follow this link: Michael Jackson detail.

Full version and related links: Michael Jackson (.jpg file), Michael Jackson .psd file; apologies for any confusion.
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WTF is that thing?
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Something far too beautiful and majestic for your feeble mind to comprehend.
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This is beautiful, may I ask how do you get the skin so detailed?!
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I'm not sure how to explain; I'm bad at explaining how I've drawn. Thank you very much for your compliment and interest.

Perhaps, it was with the help of a photo reference, and the idea and habit of shading everything, even if it seems that it doesn't need to be shaded. The same idea is applied in painting, that the entire canvas should be covered in paint even if part of the scene is the same color as the canvas- so, all of my paper should have a pencil mark, no matter how light, in consistency of creating the subject. Perhaps.
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Thank you very much. [smile]
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Thank you very much! [smile]
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Freakin' amazing! :wow:
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