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Hey guys! -
I've been working since August '11 on some art for an interactive comic app for the iphone/ipad, and soon to be on android devices. It's based on a novel called The Bane of Yoto, written by Josh Viola. You can download episode 1 for FREE here:…. Episode 2 will be coming shortly, as well as the Android version. Follow the Bane of Yoto on facebook… and twitter!/TheBaneOfYoto.

The comic will be featuring music from Celldweller, who has been featured in many videogames, movies, and trailers. We also have comic book artists Tyler Kirkham, Steve Scott, and Nick Runge contributing art.

  - inks by Steve Scott :iconstevescott: vega, Bane of YOTO by stevescott, colors by me.

ALSO! Besieged for the Android (and soon iOS devices) is now available for download for FREE as well! I created art for this game too.. so check it out!…

Follow me on twitter!/adlovett and on my blog for updates and WIPs/Progress shots. Thanks again to all who watch me :D

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Also check out these guys.. I put stars by the ones that always blow my mind: - kekai * - tully * - talexi - yangqi917 - tiago-hoisel * - baopham - goro * - maniaks - jasonchan - ruanjiajia - maciej - sammich - thom *
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Hey guys,

It's been a really long time since I've been active.. sorry for that! I recently took a couple painting classes at my old university for fun (already had my degree, so these were just for personal education), and I'll try to upload my favorite works. With these classes, I've become more aware of color complexity and lighting, so I'm excited to test it out on my digital paintings :D

The last time I had a journal entry, I was doing 3d animation still, right? Well not anymore! I want to go for a job doing concept art! Wish me luck, I'll be on the job hunt for a while I'm sure..

Next project will be a flowy, clothy, headdress, underwater ballgown type of thing.. This is just a quick concept sketch…

Anyways, follow me on my blog for updates and WIPs/Progress shots. Thanks again to all who watch me :D
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Hey folks,

I wanna let you guys know I really appreciate all your comments and watching - I read everything!, but feel like it might get too crowded if I thank each person in replies.. hope you understand! SO Im taking this moment to thank you guys for all your comments and watching and favs and everything of the sorts; it really DOES mean a lot to me. And sorry if I dont always reply, but I do acknowledge everyone!

For progress and sneak peeks check out my blog!! You can see the before and after versions! - I usually post my sketches to show people what Im working on ^_^

SOOO Ill be taking a short break from the 3d modeling and character creation to work on my 2d portfolio a bit. I love doing concept paintings and illustrations and I feel like Im just starting to learn some tricks and understand stuff (like lighting and depth which were the primary studies in my most recent works).

Thanks everyone again!


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Hey guys!
Another rare journal entry from me.. lol

Just thought Id write one though since:
1. Just got my own website - Currently tweaking it to look how I want it.. but here it is:


2. Deviantart just announced new ways to show off our portfolios!…

I made a test one here:…
so check it out if you havent already

Other news... I am getting my art ready for Siggraph. This year it is in New Orleans, so Im looking forward to going. Ill be talking to major studios askin for advice so I can apply and start working in the movies! (or games ^_^)

Thanks to all my watchers, I know my updates are very few, but Im workin hard to get at least 1 more great thing before the end of the month - Ill keep ya posted! Thanks again for dropping by.


RL friends

:iconshinya-no-kodou: :icononewingedangelvii: :iconcitizengirl: :iconelana303: :iconblinnlambert: :iconr3llie: :icongwiibear:
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Howdy anyone who watches ^_^! I know my updates are very few, but ill try to get more stuff up.. just running out of time recently >_<

I am now eligible to upload videos!! so I uploaded my old character model that i did about a year ago.. or longer.. i cant remember

i am working currently working on my senior thesis, and also my kunoichi character (she is becoming a 3d model! already got a head and body modeled out)

stay tuned! thanks everyone! ^_^

my friends in real live life! ^_^

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i am sleeping here.. in the computer labs at school AGAIN - i hate doing this.. im so tired and i want to go bike riding before it gets too cold

but at least i can snowboard! 2 more weeks until finals - 2 more weeks until winter break! one full month of happiness!!!!!! - im excited for the 2 weeks to be up, but im stressed to my neck about it too - only 2 more weeks to finish what ive been working on for 5 weeks


im giving a tiny preview/hint as to what my final project will look like - its my latest deviation (which will be moved to scraps when i upload the final) - have a looksee!

thanks to all my watchers and everyone who reads these journal things - it really means a TON to me that people like my work - i hope i wont disappoint in 2 more weeks.. 2 MORE WEEKS AHHHH!!!! - but im pretty excited about it and i cant wait to share ^_^

stay tuned!!!


my friends in real live life! ^_^

:iconshinya-no-kodou: :icononewingedangelvii: :iconcitizengirl: :iconelana303: :iconblinnlambert: :iconr3llie: :icongwiibear:
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Hello everybody! Im excited that I have more watchers now! ever since my daily deviation, my 10 watchers jumped to 100 watchers!! so i wanna thank everyone who watches me - it really really means a lot to me, you have no idea - i would be honored to share my work with you guys ^_^ (and i love looking at your art when im not bombarded with school work ARG!)

so! i just recently got painter, and i LOVE the program - im currently working on a piece switching back and forth between painter and photoshop. i think ill have it finished in the next couple weeks.. im so excited!!

oh! for anyone who wants to know, Im hoping to publish a graphic novel in a few years - yaknow like when i finish school n stuff - ive been working on a story for a while and i hope to start getting a recognizable style to put into the graphic novel. ARG! i need to work on my style!!

sooooo this is only my second journal - i love hearing from people! so if anyone wants to make small talk, go ahead! - i check deviantart everyday when im at school and usually at home on the weekends

thanks everyone!!!

*October 12th edit*
ughhh school work is a pain in the butt!! ARG! never time for MY stuff...
if you notice, my icon is changed.. and its a tiny glimpse at what ill have for my next deviation (doesnt show very much hahahaaaa) - so i hope to have time to work on it this weekend - i have 3 projects due on monday and tuesday so.. we'll see

hello anyone who watches me! this is my first journal and i really dont know how this thing works on dA.. but we'll see how this goes ^_^

currently i am working on another amphibian person - i still need to come up with a name for these creatures... hmm - ANYWAY!, here is a little peek at what ive got so far:…

holy crud that stupid water is such a pain in the butt. i hope to get really good though so i can keep doing water in my art (if you cant tell from my gallery, i love water and all that dwells in it.. except sharks because they eat otters)

but anyways!, yeah so thats about where i am now. unfortunately i think school is going to delay the completion of this piece for like.. a week DANG!

so any critiques so far? i know theres not much to comment on, but if the pose is off at all, just let me know what to fix - ive been staring at this pose for a long time and cant tell what it looks like anymore (you know how that is..) - im also going to have much more water dripping off her - and she'll be shiny.. because shes wet ^_^

cool! so that was my first journal - thanks for reading!