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Last of Us: Halloween

Happy Halloween! I wanted to showcase the awesome friendship between Ellie and Riley. Naughty Dog did a great job developing their characters in the Last of Us - one of my favorite games of all time!

-Photoshop cs6


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Excellent Artwork! I used your art as a thumbnail art on my YouTube video and I gave you credit in the description.

This is so awesome


Awsome art

It makes me think how they achieve a great chemistry between these 2 but they failed in the second part

I'm crying!Again!

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Yep, that'll end well when trigger happy friendlies come by.
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Funny cause she actually become that
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that is hilarious 
i like the idea of Riley put pumpkin guts on her face and be like a clicker, screee
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I hate to be that one guy, but while this is an amazing piece of art it's also inaccurate (and I'm not saying art has to be accurate at all, I'm just pointing this little lore fact out), as if this had really happened Ellie would have know what a clicker was, whereas when she saw one for the first time in the game, she had no idea what it was.
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I know this is a really old piece of art, but I want to say I love the concept. You executed it very well. The only problem is that Ellie didn't know what a clicker is pr looked like before the events of the main Last of Us game. She just knew about the infected.
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I love this so much:3
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Riley :love: This is so well done :happybounce:
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Such cruel irony...
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Ikr sad face:foreveralone: T-T 
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ahh friend shipHappy cry (Tears of joy) 
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Okay, this is adorable. The execution is just perfect.
I ship them so hard
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Oh, I love this concept and execution so much! <3 It's so sweet and true to them!
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I love how you did this. You displayed the <gs id="c5afb951-9489-480f-9f49-1a8a01d8b649" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="4bc4b2f9-ed99-408a-a25a-42ad5f441526" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark">humor even</gs> in dark times VERY well.
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Nice work! :clap:!! Ghost by KmyGraphic

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Riley always reminded me of Izumi Curtis to an extent, namely the similar voice (both have different actresses mind you) and personalities.
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