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Our Little Secret by FoxWriter2 Our Little Secret :iconfoxwriter2:FoxWriter2 5 4 Eve by FoxWriter2 Eve :iconfoxwriter2:FoxWriter2 6 13 Danbi And Beast #1 by FoxWriter2 Danbi And Beast #1 :iconfoxwriter2:FoxWriter2 2 6 City Lights by FoxWriter2 City Lights :iconfoxwriter2:FoxWriter2 5 7 Though Heroes Fall - Part 21 of a Tale of He-Man by omnivore7 Though Heroes Fall - Part 21 of a Tale of He-Man :iconomnivore7:omnivore7 70 372 Adam holiday card by Grandis-Granva Adam holiday card :icongrandis-granva:Grandis-Granva 18 75
Though Heroes Fall - Part 20

Drying He-Man Lyn's way                                                                                     
“Teela, I want – need – to speak with you. It’s a matter of some –”
Man-at-Arms got no further; his daughter had already rocketed to her feet and stood facing him, poised on her toes and with the light of battle glittering green in
:iconomnivore7:omnivore7 59 1,505
He-Man - fallen Hero......
The Tale of He-Man, Though Heroes Fall 
has been viewed well over 650,000 times....
I am now back after a long but necessary absence and I am astounded to see this; I certainly never expected it.
My thanks to all concerned - especially those who took the trouble to comment and critique; I find your feedback hugely helpful and - yes - it does help to shape the direction of the tale and the way in which I present it.
Thanks especially to the artists :            
and also to
:iconomnivore7:omnivore7 45 240
Dear Moon
Does it ever get lonely, Mister Moon?
What do you mean why am I here?
I've been dreaming of this moment
Ever since childhood sir.
It's not polite
to spy through my window
whenever I'm crying
Alone in fear.
I dreamed of clouds and marble halls
Of piano keys and broken walls
A civilisation of harmonious notes
Where music decides the rules.
When the world gets too noisy
And the greenery gets bloody
Let me rest my weary head
on your crescent shoulders
Let me sleep for a while
just a little while
while I bleed my tears
'Goddess, help me'.
Mister Moon,
Don't let the daylight rise so soon
I don't want it to end
I don't want them to start again
I'll play with you
I'll stay with you
You understand,don't you?
Earth is entertaining, Mister Moon
Let me just wash away this human heart
and I'll join you
so maybe you'll feel a little less while we watch.
:iconfoxwriter2:FoxWriter2 3 8
For the Sake of Eternia - Please! by Grandis-Granva For the Sake of Eternia - Please! :icongrandis-granva:Grandis-Granva 21 73
Though Heroes Fall - Part 19

High above the Sea                                                                                                                                                             
:iconomnivore7:omnivore7 58 2,390
Final Farewell by Grandis-Granva Final Farewell :icongrandis-granva:Grandis-Granva 22 56 One Of Seven - Guardian Angel by thepolishgirl One Of Seven - Guardian Angel :iconthepolishgirl:thepolishgirl 11 49
Though Heroes Fall - Part 18

 Deep within the Dark Hemisphere                                                                                                                                                       By Omnivore7

Day dawned also far to the east, deep within the co
:iconomnivore7:omnivore7 62 2,374
Some kind soul......
... has given me Core Membership for this month. 
Since this was done anonymously I cannot thank you as I would choose to - since I do not know which of you it was.   You, however, do - so please accept my grateful thanks for the kindness of the gesture.
I do appreciate it.
:iconomnivore7:omnivore7 48 1,067
The Wooing of Princess Aleena_Part 1 by omnivore7

Someone – a voice she knew – knew well – was calling her. She wanted to answer – but couldn’t – she was weighted down, voiceless, with swimming head and tight shut eyes. And then the voice cried out – and slipped away – and all was darkness.
No: there was light; bright light – She closed her eyes tighter against its penetrative insistence – but there were voices too – and then a cold hand touched her brow – and she was awake.
“To the very minute – and so back with us again.”
The voice was amused – and that too she knew! Her eyes opened – and at once widened. Instinct made her raise defensive hands; but instinct was powerless against the steel restraints which pinned her wrists to the steel chair in which she was seated. Furious, she kicked out – again to no effect; her ankles were likewise shackled. She was helpless!
The masked features split
:iconredwolf5207:RedWolf5207 43 93




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FoxWriter2 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2016
He is home!
adlerstein451 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2016
Yes!  Is it not wonderful?    I am so glad that he is safe and home again.    I knew that he was coming - though something was stopping him for a time. But - no longer!
FoxWriter2 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2016
Yes,what a relief indeed!
adlerstein451 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2016
I hope it will be long before he is is such a situation again; sometimes I think that he is too brave and willing for his own good........
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Ive noticed that you have a certain appettite for historical/fantasy military art.

If so you might want to join our freshly opened group. Its specialised on high detailed historical/fantasy military illustrations and it will host only the finest deviations and will gather some of the most talented artists.

The requests are auto aproved.

PS: to avoid any unpleasant situation you should know that Ive already checked your gallery. If Ill fiind something interesting Ill send the requests, if not Ill not. Im mainly inviting you due to common interest.

FoxWriter2 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2015
Come see this amazing work by a friend :D…
FoxWriter2 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2015
Sorry if this is a bit late but I hope you had a happy Valentine's day <3
adlerstein451 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015
That is very kind of you. Thanks. I hope that you too had a good day.
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Thanks very much for the watch+ and the faves!
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No problem - I am liking your work.
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