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I decided to make another abstract picture, this time one with the Golden Oaks Library that was burnt down at the end of Season 4 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
This time I used a screenshot for this and add my little spin on that image.

It was made with PaintToolSai and some color enhancements were done with Photoshop.
This picture took roughly a month to make with a lot of pauses between each painting session.

Tumblr post for reblogging…

Featured on Equestria Daily's Drawfriend #1189…
Featured on Cutie Arts Crusaders Episode 110 (MLP art podcast)…
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Echoing my thoughts from elsewhere: I like this a lot. It has a very Wassily Kandinsky/Franz Marc feel to it.
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Thanks a lot.

Certainly it's more leaned towards to Franz Marc's style. It's the main inspiration for this style (and thinking about impossible paper foldings and cuts).
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very smooth enviroment ol' chap
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Gosh darn I almost thought this was a vector.
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The crisp edges of all the shapes appeared to be the kind you can only achieve through a vectoring program. I was surprised it was done on SAI.
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They look so crisp because the picture was originally painted in a much higher resolution and I resized it down.
It is a very simple trick.
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:o  That is brilliant.
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Aw very moving piece her
Fimlie's avatar
wow this is amazing :clap:
BB-K's avatar
For the loss of the once great tree. :(
GUILLE832's avatar
I must admit it; your style is quite interesting and innovator. Well done! 
AleximusPrime's avatar
Whoa, that is an interesting piece of art!  Feels like I'm looking at a Picasso drawing!
DoomSp0rk's avatar
This needs to be a print.  I would pay one money for this.
Adiwan's avatar
I don't know if I make it available as a print but I feel flattered.
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Wow this style is so awesome!
Pony-Berserker's avatar
Well, now that's an interesting concept. It's not a picture you see every day in this fandom.
Adiwan's avatar
Pictures you see every day are boring, am I right?
Pony-Berserker's avatar
Eh, people just NEED TO misinterpret everything in the worst possible way, eh? Pictures I see every day are just not 'abstract' :P
Adiwan's avatar
I understood you perfectly but I couldn't resist saying that :D
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