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photoshop cs2 + wacom tablet, 1 hour,
thanks for looking, have a nice weekend.
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This work stands out, though houses slight simularities. Definitely seeming to hold in relation towards the last water work of a woman underwater with thw fish. That one housed a more stilled dream feeling, whereas this one holds a different tone. It tiers more on the impression of actually feeling like she is drowning. The position of the figure bending forward with such a defeated sense gives off the idea of her not being able to make it out alive and giving in to the feeling. It is hard to see the woman go from such a cool resolve of being at peace while underwater to feeling like the water is her undoer. The colors inside of here even offers a sense of showcasing her giving up. As in before, she stood out so strongly from what surrounded her, and this one displays her blending more into the water and seemingly fading into being nothing more that new colors added into the fluid arrangement. Going from A to B, I wish that I could tell her to swim out of it and fully become more of what she actually is over what the supposed forces are yrying to crush her into becoming. This is, hopefully, not the end of her saga and will find her going/becoming somewhere/something else. Whichever the next step is, I can only hope that it will be as suited to her as this artist's work is suited for open interpretation. Dynamic creation, my friend.