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The Baroness

Just for fun.. =D

done in photoshop cs, thanks for viewing =)
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Let me preface this by saying that I am not an artist nor do I have the talent to become one. I had actually found your picture through google images while searching for the Baroness. Here are the good and the bad aspects of the picture.

This is a really good picture of the Baroness. I greatly enjoy the look on her face, the shine on her bodysuit, and a background that doesn't detract from her. She looks sexy with that wonderful look of devious that helps to define her.

There are aspects to this picture however that I don't agree with or question. While I love the shine of her bodysuit, I'm not sure if all the designs on it were worthwhile. Her arms and chest make the suit look like leather while the rest of it looks metallic. Her hips seem a little large to me and it doesn't seem to fit her body type to me. Finally, her skin tone is very pale, like a vampire. While she is a villianess of pure beauty and I don't completely disagree with your choice, I think she needs more color on her skin.

I know my negatives are larger than the positives, but I assure you that this picture is amazing. I don't know how long you've been drawing for, but I really look forward to seeing more art from you!
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This is the best Baroness EVER!!!!!!!!
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She has the gap cause shes destro's main squeeze.
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Beautiful take. I'm Her slave! :)
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I like it. Awesome.
COBRAAAA!!! I all I have to say to this. :D
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Fun is good. Great values (and hips).
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So awesome! Well done.
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great job- I am gonna practice doing a Baroness pic- will let you know when its done- love this pic
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Baroness. :love:
Amazing work. :)
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Nice work! just wanted to let you know about a contest we are having for possibly getting published with us as the prize! here is a link for more info:[link]
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it's got nice balance, plus you manage perspective and anatomy very well!! Like it a lot!!
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love the cool color for the sssskin!
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:wow: she look as mean as she is.
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I like that!!
The outfit looks very nice and I like of the Specular effect!!
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all of your work is beautiful, but this one the hips are a bit too wide and the stomach a bit too short. but if u were to redo this slightly it would be PERFECT!
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