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personal project..

Name: Saki

Saki © *aditya777
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© 2010 - 2021 aditya777
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A stunning pice of work! The colours are gorgus, and the detail and flow of the fabric is increadable. Wonderfull examble of effective lighting and costume design.
The only think I feel that lets this immage down is the over-sexualisation of the female character and un-realistic anatomy around the chest area. I could imagine it would be rather painfull for her to fight effectivly with no 'support' :s Pehaps some anatomy research is needed in order to appeal to a wider aundience, rather than just gamer dudes?

Other than that, I feel this pice is very effective. The colours compliment eachother and the textures work perfectly! Goodluck with future work, and please try to keep anatomy in mind in future.
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I dont really think thats fair. The breasts really don't feel as attention-grabbing as the leg does-- the cleavage is almost completely covered by chains, so to say they're only there to appeal to men is sort of silly. If the artist wanted to just make this image about T n A, it could have been flaunted MUCH more obviously than a nipple showing. She's wearing long, concealing clothes on almost all of her body.

Sure, the anatomy isnt perfect, especially around the face--but the breasts really arent that bad.

My only real critique is the chains around her torso-- they sort of just like like they were painted over her, like theyre not actually wrapped around her body. Near her shoulder where they loop behind her back, there should be some distortion where the links would be laid down flat, instead of still going up and down like they do at the part of the loop closest to the viewer. Their should be more weight to them and they should wrap around more gradually. Other than that I really like this piece, great colors and an appealing design.
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Overall I think it is a good pice of work, allthough the breasts don't seem realistic in a way? Their too large too be supported by nothing, anatomy is a very difficult thing to get right, I'm just pointing this out so that thhee artist can address these issues in future. Because at hhe montit's coming accross as a bit cliche and steriotypical :/
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Cool female samurai
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Feel like this is an old-fashioned mug shot ^^
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Blood color and grey stone make a good contrast. (hair, blood on wall, kimono)

In my opinion, the tanto on hair, the wooden mask, and the hair which hide the half of her face, are three important details too.

The beauty of this piece come from these.
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im in love with ur skech styl of drawing!!!! <3
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That face, the pose, the light. Perfect.

Thank you so much for adding it to Digital Delicacies! :heart:
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Great job and i absolutely love the details that u used, like the swords in the hair, the mask, the chains and the scars.
This will go to my fav
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I like the idea with the Tanto used with the hair. Sweet :)
that's really nice :)
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She looks like baiken of guilty gear but putting that aside the draw is awesome
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very nice. It reminds me of Baiken from Guilty Gears.
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❤‿❤ M-A-G-N-I-F-I-C-E-N-T-!
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wow, awesome work!
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weeeeeel done! beautiful job!
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superb and my favorite red color too yeah thats awesome
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Reminds me of Baiken
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SWEET!! look awesome, just clean it up a bit (that is if you want to) and it well look awesome! LOVE YOUR STYLE!
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aditya YOU FREAKIN ROCK! this character looks so bad ass dude :)
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The Blood on the wall works great with the robe and hair. Keep it up.
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That is one rough looking chic. I would not want to have one of her days.
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